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Overnight Sensation

Brown and grey surround us – will spring ever appear? The calendar says May, but cold and dreary persevere.

We long for bright-green colours, blades of grass, new leaves too. This year patience is required; nature won’t be rushed by you.

Then – finally – a rain, although it feels like snow.

Two days later heat and sunshine – perfect weather for spring show.

Overnight lush grass appears; buds burst on waiting trees. Tulips’ dazzling colours wave gently in the breeze.

A flash of brilliant yellow catches watchful eye. Finches have returned, bright gold against blue sky.

Suddenly, the orioles, red-breasted grosbeaks too, blue jays, wrens and warblers join the symphony for you.

At last it looks and sounds and feels as it should for May. An overnight sensation, welcome after long delay.



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