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Scientists develop ‘Trojan Horse’ molecule to fight crop fungus linked to cancer

The issue affects the developing world most, as wealthier nations typically screen for the toxins infections produce

Scientists said Mar. 10 they had developed a new method to neutralize a dangerous fungal toxin affecting crops that can lead to cancer, childhood stunting and other health threats. Researchers from the University of Arizona (UA) said they had created a genetically modified maize plant that is edible even when infected with a mould that […] Read more

New rust strain threatens wheat crops in Europe and North Africa

In 2016 thousands of hectares of wheat crops were damaged in Sicily

A new, highly destructive strain of stem rust that battered wheat crops in Sicily last year could spread across the Mediterranean in 2017, threatening harvests and the livelihood of small farmers, experts warned Feb. 3. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) urged countries in Europe and North Africa to be vigilant to prevent possible […] Read more

Octogenarian Italian feeds the poor with food waste

For 10 years this Italian pensioner has aimed to feed those less fortunate 
than himself as an expression of his faith

It all started with a coffee. When a homeless man asked Dino Impagliazzo for an espresso, the Italian pensioner thought: “Why not help?” Soon he and his wife were making sandwiches for homeless people who hung around one of Rome’s train stations. As word spread, the lines for food grew longer. Eventually Impagliazzo switched to […] Read more