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The sun rises over dried up lake Pamamaroo, outside of Menindee, Australia, September 2, 2019. Prolonged drought exacerbated by demands on water resources by irrigators and cities means the Darling River (Barka) is running dry. The towns of Menindee and Wilcannia avoid drinking tap water, relying instead on charity donations of 10-litre boxes of water and rain tank water for potable uses.

Thirst turns to anger Down Under as mighty river runs dry

The Darling River irrigates some of Australia’s richest grazing lands and many crops

Reuters – Reduced to a string of stagnant mustard-coloured pools, fouled in places with pesticide run-off and stinking with the rotting carcasses of cattle and fish, the Darling River is running dry. The parched earth of Australia’s longest waterway, if tributaries are included, is in the grip of the continent’s most severe drought in a