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Family members of longtime JBS USA meat packing plant employee Saul Sanchez, from left, wife Carolina Sanchez, and daughter Estela Hernanez, Beatriz Rangel and Patty Rangel hold a photo of him. He died of COVID-19 in Greeley, Colorado April 10.

INSIGHT: Workers denied benefits for COVID-19 illnesses, deaths

Companies say employees can’t prove illnesses are work-related; workers say plant design all but guarantees transmission

Reuters – Saul Sanchez died in April, one of six workers with fatal COVID-19 infections at meatpacker JBS USA’s slaughterhouse in Greeley, Colorado, the site of one of the earliest and deadliest coronavirus outbreaks at a U.S. meatpacking plant. Before getting sick, the 78-year-old Sanchez only left home to work on the fabrication line, where