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Feeder cattle markets will likely stay strong through to the Christmas season, says the manager of Grunthal Livestock Auction Mart.

Manitoba auctions attract lots of lighter cattle

Feeder markets are expected steady through to Christmas

Harold Unrau, manager of Grunthal Livestock Auction Mart, has some advice for cattle producers who might be looking at thinning their herds. Look for other options first — sell calves early, maybe even potential replacement animals, depending on the situation — before selling cows. “It’s a bad time to reduce your herd, because butcher cows

Feed weekly outlook: Manitoba corn seems headed for lower yields

CNS Canada — Manitoba’s corn crop harvest is getting underway earlier than expected, which could point to potential yield problems. While it’s too early to provide firm yield estimates, Morgan Cott, field agronomist for the Manitoba Corn Growers Association, said some high-moisture corn was already harvested in mid-September, and regular grain corn harvest got underway

Manitoba cattle producers fear they’ll be sending more stock than usual to auction this fall as a feed shortfall looms.

Manitoba cattle values steady with Ontario, U.S. interest

Producers face both higher feed costs and a falling loonie

Manitoba cattle auctions reported strong prices this week amid good interest from the U.S. and Ontario. Prices slipped slightly, but remain at relatively strong levels, according to Manitoba Beef Producers general manager Brian Lemon and Brian Perillat of cattle market analysis firm Canfax. “Prices are still down a bit. But they are still softening from

Grain firms warn of competitive fairness on Churchill assistance

CNS Canada — The Western Grain Elevator Association (WGEA) wants assurances that any government incentives used to upgrade the rail line to Churchill, Man., and the port there are not used to support competing businesses. Wade Sobkowich, executive director of the WGEA, said the organization’s membership of major grain-handling companies are concerned their competitors could

Ontario bean production seen well above StatsCan estimate

CNS Canada — Ontario bean growers are voicing skepticism of Statistics Canada’s Aug. 31 bean production estimates. Estimates by the Ontario Bean Growers organization suggest farmers are poised to harvest about 101,495 tonnes this year — 28.5 per cent above the Statistics Canada number of 79,000 tonnes. OBG chair Jim Gowland said his organization reaches

First widespread frost lands on Prairies

CNS Canada — Farmers in Saskatchewan and Manitoba are waiting nervously for damage reports from Tuesday night’s frost. In Manitoba, fields between Riding Mountain National Park and Duck Mountain Provincial Park were hit with sustained frosts. “There are a few areas where they had a long duration of a light frost and that’s as bad