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Cows herded in to holding pen

Manitoba cattle market defies trend

The province’s geographic proximity to significant 
domestic markets is coming into play

Ontario and Quebec interest continues to buoy prices at Manitoba cattle auctions. “Pound for pound, on the good end of the calves, we’re probably still $5 to $7 per hundredweight better than they (Alberta) are,” said Rick Wright of Heartland Order Buying Co. On Oct. 31, good 600-lb. steers at Virden, Man., were attracting prices

A hemp plant in Alberta. (Jennifer Blair photo)

Cannabis’ cousin hemp entering new age too

CNS Canada — As cannabis basks in the glow of the first day of its legalized recreational sale, its close cousin hemp is coming through its own year of change. Ted Haney, executive director of the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance, said hemp growers are going through a year in which they are learning how to

Corn west of Mitchell, Man. on Oct. 17, 2018. (Dave Bedard photo)

Ready, set go! Harvest reprieve hits Prairies

CNS Canada — Prairie farmers struggling to get crops off fields under wet, cold conditions are about to get a reprieve — if they haven’t seen warmer weather already in their area. Natalie Hasell, a weather preparedness meteorologist for Environment Canada in Winnipeg, said most regions of British Columbia, Alberta, and southern and central Saskatchewan