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The cross with ancient species is considered a first

Reuters / Scientists in Australia have crossed a popular, commercial variety of wheat with an ancient species, producing a hardy, high-yielding plant that is tolerant of salty soil. The researchers, who published their work March 12 in the journal Nature Biotechnology, hope the new strain will help address food shortages in arid and semi-arid places

Experts Find Bacteria That Help Pests Change Colour

Scientists in Japan and France have identified a bacterium which appears to turn red plant lice green, enabling them to evade predators and thrive on crops. The discovery has important implications for pest control as these lice, or aphids, are among the most destructive insects in temperate regions, sucking on the sap of cultivated plants.

Pandemic Virus Swapping Genes In Pigs

The H1N1 swine flu virus has been spreading quietly in pigs in Hong Kong and swapping genes with other viruses, and researchers said the findings support calls for tighter disease surveillance in pigs before new bugs can emerge and infect people. The finding, published in Science June 18, supports the theory that flu viruses infecting

Experts Pinpoint Rice Gene That Controls Yield

Researchers in Japan and China have identified in separate studies a gene in rice that appears to control grain yield, they reported May 25. Some experts say crop yields need to double by 2050 to feed the world’s growing population and enhancing crop production is viewed as an important solution. Led by Motoyuki Ashikari at