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Even as war wages around them, Syrian farmers keep country fed

Prices are higher, but there remains enough food grown within 
the war-ravaged country to stave off food shortages

For the past six months, farmer Hisham al-Zeir’s wife and daughters have been up before sunset each day when it’s still cool, baking traditional tanoor bread in a century-old clay oven in their home in Syria’s rich agricultural province of Idlib. Rather than selling all his wheat to the state as he usually does, Zeir

Jordanians Protest Economic Conditions

Several thousand Jordanians protested Jan. 21 over soaring food prices and the erosion of living conditions, blaming corruption spawned by free-market reforms for the plight of the country’s poor. Islamists, left wing and trade unions activists marched through the old downtown of the city chanting “The government is eating our flesh … O Samir (Prime