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Weed Out Winter Annuals

Now’s the time to scout your winter wheat fields for fall-germinated winter annual weeds. “Getting out into the field today and surveying the crop is essential to help your winter wheat achieve its highest yield,” says Ken Gross, a Ducks Unlimited Canada agrologist. “Weeds such as narrow-leaved hawks beard, stinkweed, flixweed and shepherd’s purse can

Alberta French Fries For The World

Driving past McCain’s french fry plant on Highway 3, you don’t see much more than a few steam stacks and the white walls of the facility. Inside, though, is a whole other story. There’s more french fries and potatoes than you could ever imagine. A tour of the facility reveals one of the most technologically

Processing Biggest Market For Potatoes

“My role is to help ensure the best-quality potatoes as possible.” Another crop of process potatoes destined for McCain’s french fry plant east of Coaldale is in the ground. Typically, McCain contracts about 11,000 acres with 32 growers in the province. About 25 per cent of the growers is exclusive to McCain, while the rest

Farmsitting Service Needs Support

“We need industry to step up here and keep it free.” – FRANK CAMPBELL While farmers, farm workers and even the media have welcomed Canada’s first farmsitting service with open arms, industry seems to be lagging behind with its support. Currently AgriConnect is free, with the Red Deer-based service maintaining a database of names and

Triticale Best Choice For Bioeconomy

“Triticale is the best choice for carbohydrate production. It yields 20 per cent more than other cereals.” Triticale has a bright future due to $15.5 million in new funding from the federal government, says one of two science directors in the new Canadian Triticale Biorefinery Initiative. “Triticale is a high-yielding crop that produces a large