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A root wad buffers the bank from erosion and simultaneously provides fish habitat.

Project stabilizes creek bank, enhances fish habitat

Roseilse Creek is home to a state-of-the-art project 
that looks like an all-round winner

A riverbank stabilization project on the Roseilse Creek is demonstrating how to restore, rebuild, rehabilitate and enhance fish habitat and the riparian area along the waterway. The project, which involves the Pembina Valley Conservation District (PVCD), Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO), the Recreational Fisheries Conservation Partnership program, AAE Tech Services and the Rural Municipality of

Looking into the well, the remains of the wood cribbing are visible. The concrete well head had collapsed leaving a void under the building foundation.  Photos: PVCD

Eliminating the hazard from an abandoned well

The Pembina Valley Conservation District seals a well at the Altamont Community Centre, one of more than 1,300 so far

The Pembina Valley Conservation District (PVCD) recently ran to the rescue at the Altamont Community Centre. An abandoned well in the maintenance room had collapsed and needed some urgent attention. The well had been hand dug before the building had been constructed, so the six-foot-diameter well could only be accessed through a 2×3-foot hatch in the concrete