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Save Fuel — Use A Tire Gauge, And Use It Often

One of the key safety items on our vehicles is its tires. They are all that give us directional control and stopping ability. They also have a big effect on fuel economy, and saving fuel seems to be on many drivers’ minds. Looking after your tires takes little time and has many benefits. According to

Wheel Alignments Should Be Done More Often

Wheel alignments are one of those forgotten vehicle maintenance items. In the past, drivers usually had an alignment done when new tires were installed. This was a good idea, but with tires lasting for years on some vehicles, alignments need to be performed more frequently than just when tires are changed. I often recommend having

All-Wheel Drive Versus Four-Wheel Drive

With the number of variations in powertrain systems provided by manufacturers, it is easy to be confused with terms such as all-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, 4×4 systems and part-time and full-time systems. Let’s look at the variations on the market to help understand how these vehicles react in various situations. All-wheel drive or full-time systems