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High-calorie, high-fat “soul food” slammed

Diet of fried chicken, potatoes and gravy, barbecued ribs, and similar foods is taking a toll on health

Soul food is killing African-Americans at an alarming rate, according to a new film. “Soul Food Junkies,” which will air on Jan. 14 on U.S. public broadcasting television, examines how black cultural identity is linked to high-calorie, high-fat food such as fried chicken and barbecued ribs. In the deeply personal film, filmmaker Byron Hurt details

Dying art of pig pickin’ seeks revival

Charleston, S.C. / Reuters / For much of the United States, barbecue means grilling outdoors, but in the South the traditional method is slow roasting a whole hog over wood embers all day or all night. Only 10 to 15 restaurants in the South still cook hogs the slow way, over wood, according to John