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Manitoba company licenses canola protein technology

M&C Commodities will join the plant protein biz and use canola meal from their cold-pressed oils to make canola protein products

A Manitoba-based company will soon join the plant-based protein craze with canola protein products. Beausejour area crushing facility M&C Commodities has licensed a canola protein extraction technology developed in part with the Manitoba Canola Growers Association, MCGA announced Sept. 5. “We’re proud to offer farmers another stream for canola in the marketplace,” said Carlos Melo, […] Read more

Family is everything for young vegetable farmer

Faces of Ag: Since taking over the farm, Sam Connery-Nichol’s family has expanded to include her staff and 40 to 60 temporary foreign workers

Sam Connery-Nichol’s truck is a grey Chevy Silverado with over 600,000 kilometres on it and rust around the wheel wells. She could probably get a new vehicle — one that’s easier to park in town — but she refuses to let this one go. It was her dad’s truck. Jeff Connery died in 2012 shortly […] Read more

Red tape sees marsh renewal project delayed

A pilot project would begin to restore the Netley-Libau marsh, which once filtered harmful nutrients out of the water flowing into Lake Winnipeg

A pilot project to revitalize the “kidney” of Lake Winnipeg will be delayed until next year due to red tape, the project committee announced August 30. “Every day that passes by is a day the Netley Marsh (which is the largest coastal wetlands in North America) could begin its journey back to being a healthy […] Read more

Province pledges funds for water access for drought-stricken areas

Efforts to provide relief stymied by back-to-back elections

Help is on the way for drought-stricken Interlake and Parkland ranchers, but it’s unclear how much — or how helpful — it will be. “[It] really does nothing for the guys up here,” said Art Jonasson, reeve of the RM of West Interlake. On September 12, the province announced it would provide funding under Ag Action Manitoba […] Read more

Sister pair empowered by family to be women in ag

Faces of Ag: Sisters Jill and Clare Martens are tackling farm management and what it means to be a woman farmer in 2019

There’s a sign in one of the Martens family’s farm buildings that says “Jacob Martens and Sons.” “It’s kind of like an icon in my mind of what has changed in one generation,” said Clare Martens, 25. “Now it could say ‘Ben Martens and Daughters.’” Clare and sister Jill, 22, farm alongside their dad and […] Read more

Elk producers call for review of mule deer hunting policy

The Manitoba Elk Growers Association is pleased to hear the province is building a new big game health lab in Dauphin but is calling for more action to stop the spread of chronic wasting disease. A spokesperson from the province confirmed that a request for proposals was issued in mid-August for the building of the […] Read more

Farm family ‘the last thread hold’ of First Nation agriculture

Faces of Ag: BSE and flooding nearly wiped out his family farm, but Derrick Gould won’t let their way of life die

Derrick Gould’s farm is one of two left in his community. “We’re the last thread hold of the First Nation agriculture, farming way of life,” Gould told the Manitoba Co-operator. Forty years ago, Gould’s community of Pinaymootang (Fairford) First Nation was home to more than 30 farmers. As the community’s population grew, available farmland diminished, […] Read more

‘This one’s gonna hurt’ – Interlake ranchers face drought disaster

Producers say that help they might otherwise receive is being held back because of the provincial election

A field down the road from Calvin Reykdal’s farm has two swaths taken out. The rest is still standing, only a couple of inches higher than the cut section. That was first cut, not worth the fuel and time to take it off the field. It’s one of many fields like that in the RM […] Read more

Young farmer learning ropes of egg sector

Mark Ronald entered the Manitoba Egg Farmers’ new-entrant quota lottery

Mark Ronald became an egg farmer almost in an instant. Mark was 18, and like most newly graduated students, was considering his career path. He’d worked on the family farm near Portage la Prairie since he was a teen but was also thinking about going into the trades or maybe the Canadian Armed Forces. In […] Read more

Election 2019: Provincial candidates give little reaction to biofuel mandate promise

Progressive Conservative pledge would more than double biodiesel level

Electoral candidates at a recent forum had little to say about the Progressive Conservative promise to increase the biofuel and ethanol requirements in Manitoba. “Certainly we’re excited for that opportunity,” said Minister of Agriculture Ralph Eichler, adding he hoped the other provinces would follow suit. Premier Brian Pallister announced on August 27 that a PC […] Read more