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Producers Need To Participate In Their Organizations

A National Food Strategy is required to ensure that we have a vibrant contributing agriculture sector in Canada. As the Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA) celebrates its 75th anniversary, the future of Canadian agriculture is at a crossroads and the future of food in this country is uncharted. Currently, Canada has no comprehensive strategy for

Globalization Creates A Race To The Bottom

Th e Wo r l d Tr a d e Organization’s (WTO) Public Forum, which happens every two years, was held in Geneva at the end of September. There were few farm groups represented at the forum, but the CFA and some of its members did attend. Walking into the plenary session can be likened

A Deep, Enduring Connection With The Agricultural Community

The Co-operators is a key long-standing example of farmers working for farmers. Canadian farmers have long understood the importance of banding together. In this current economic climate, the need for farmers to work together is especially important. Farmers have a long history of interacting with co-operative organizations such as The Co-operators. Intrinsically linked to the