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Putting a farmer’s face on food products has become key these days, says lamb producer Nathanael Polson.

New meat products hit the spot for lamb producers

An Alberta processor is putting a face to the farmers behind a new line of lamb products. SunGold Specialty Meats’ Lamb Tonight product line began selling at Sobeys, Safeway, and Thrifty Foods stores across Canada earlier this summer. It features 10 ready-to-cook lamb products, including lamb burgers, sausages, meatballs, kabobs, and seasoned ground lamb. But

Russell Bird (r) and father-in-law Ron Yoneda took on the world — with bacon sushi.

Our bacon ambassador does Alberta proud

Weirdly wonderful dishes shine a light on bacon's culinary versatility

Bacon is getting a whole new sizzle on the gourmet scene these days — would you believe chocolate bacon Fudgsicles? — and Russell Bird is making sure Alberta gets its due. The Sherwood Park man represented his country in the bacon category at the World Food Championships in Florida last month and reports things have

measuring stress on a horse using an infrared reader

New tool measures heat to understand animal stress

Infrared thermography provides a quick and non-invasive way to measure stress, 
and that has big implications for livestock producers

A new ‘eye’ on how animals respond to stressful situations is providing researchers with a valuable tool that could one day have a big impact on how livestock are treated. Infrared thermography — or IRT — can tell a lot of stories by measuring body heat in a specific area. Using a device that looks