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Government helps new entrant over existing industry

“There is an existing industry here. We’re not asking for handouts or free money.” – JOHN BOTTOMLEY Something smells fishy to John Bottomley of Agassiz Aqua Farms and it’s not his fish barn. The fish producer who has been working to establish an industry in Manitoba is outraged at a government announcement that one “inexperienced

Rolling research shows promise

“These observations suggest that the roller is a legitimate tool for organic farmers and it will even allow them to completely eliminate tillage in some years.” – MARTIN ENTZ Organic farmers might do well to invest in a roller for help in reducing weed pressure. An experiment in its second year at the Ian N.

Cattle producers embrace science

“It’s not what the celebrities say that’s important, it really should be what the science says.” – KARIN WITTENBERG Brian Sterling wants Al Gore to love cows. But the cattleman and chair of the environmental committee for the Manitoba Cattle Producers’ Association also looked inward for some of the blame for the vilification of cattle.

Manitoba marshes go to rehab

“A marsh needs to have droughts and flooding to maintain a balance.” – GORD GOLDSBOROUGH They’re trying to make Delta Marsh and Netley-Libau Marsh go to rehab and Gord Goldsborough is saying, yes, yes, yes. The director of Delta Marsh was thrilled to hear the latest throne speech which listed marsh rehabilitation as a priority.

Wasteful water use challenged

“Canada is the only country I know of that hasn’t banned 13-litre flush toilets.” – DAVID BROOKS David Brooks wants us to stop flushing good drinking water down the toilet. The keynote speaker, at the Manitoba Conservation District Association conference talked at length about water conservation and following soft paths for water use. Brooks serves

Wetlands to return

“The thrust of this program is to help Manitoba reach its targets for GHG reduction.” – Rhonda McDougal Expect to see more wetlands in Manitoba farm fields over the next four years. The Manitoba government rolled out its Wetland Restoration Incentive Program providing financial incentives to landowners to restore wetlands on their land. The program

EG and S programs clean up

“They know their land better than anyone.” – ROBERT SOPUCK Farmer-designed programs provide benefit to the environment, Robert Sopuck, vice-president of Delta Waterfowl told the Manitoba Conservation Districts Association last week. He described Environmental Goods and Services programs to the convention, heaping praise on the Alternative Land Use Service program. He said the ALUS idea

Lake improvements required

“They want us to keep the pressure on.” – Bill Barlow The province will soon see a report card on the health of Lake Winnipeg from the same group that gave it its marching orders for cleaning it up. The Manitoba Conservation Districts Association convention featured an update from three of the leading advocates of

Food traceable from farm to customer

The province of Manitoba has been working with IBM to develop and test a new system giving digital traceability to food all the way to shoppers’ grocery carts. Referred to as a food passport, it is meant to show the public and trading partners that if there is a problem with Canadian food, it can

Improved signage helps 911

“You want to send your ambulances to the proper place.” – Joe Masi Almost all communities across Manitoba now have 911 service to their area. But sometimes it has trouble finding them – and that’s a concern for safety officials. At a recent Farm Safety and Health Seminar held in Winnipeg, Rob Brunel said many