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Hail damage and dry weather hamper grain and forage crops

Looking surprisingly good despite stresses

Severe thunderstorms scattered hail across southern Manitoba on July 31 and mangled a few crops. Crop insurance claims were just beginning to come in on the afternoon of August 1, said David Van Deynze of Manitoba Agriculture Services Corporation. Van Deynze said they were seeing a bank of claims from the U.S. border, ranging up […] Read more

IPCC report

UN flags need to reduce meat consumption to curb land use impact on global warming

London/Geneva | Reuters — Global meat consumption must fall to curb global warming, reduce growing strains on land and water and improve food security, health and biodiversity, a United Nations report on the effects of climate change concluded. Although the report stopped short of explicitly advocating going meat-free, it called for big changes to farming […] Read more

What’s the name of that cloud high up in the sky?

A quick look at how various types of clouds are named and classified

Our current method of naming and classifying clouds was developed in 1803 by Luke Howard, an English naturalist. His system employed Latin words to describe the clouds as they appear from the ground. Clouds that appeared to look like sheets were called stratus, which is Latin for layer. Puffy clouds were called cumulus, which is […] Read more

Cereal harvest begins in Manitoba, hay, forage yields well below average

Manitoba Crop Report and Crop Weather report for August 6

Southwest Region Higher than normal temperatures prevailed with very little to no rain across the region. Scattered showers in Russell and Birtle areas amounted to less than 5 mm. Crops are showing symptoms of prolonged dry weather and in some cases, soils are close to the permanent wilting point. Most winter cereals are close to […] Read more

Forecast: Warm long weekend, then a short cool-down early next week

Issued July 29, 2019: Covering the period from July 31 to August 7

The first half of last week’s forecast played out as expected, but things deviated a little during the second half. The unsettled weather forecasted for the early part of this week consolidated into a stronger system that pushed through late last weekend. Because the system was stronger and pushed through all at once, we ended […] Read more

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