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Neonic-treated canola not an ‘unacceptable risk’ for pollinators

Already facing federally mandated phase-outs from many major on-farm uses in Canada over risks to aquatic insects, neonicotinoids aren’t expected to pose “unacceptable risks” to pollinators when used on canola seed or hothouse vegetables in the meantime. Health Canada said as much Thursday as it released its final re-evaluation decisions for three neonic pesticides — […] Read more

Forecast: Seasonable but unsettled weather

Issued April 8, 2019: Covering the period from April 10 to April 17

Last week’s forecast called for a shift in the large-scale weather pattern, and while we did see a shift, it didn’t shift exactly as forecast. While the large low over northeastern Canada did shift eastward and weaken, it was replaced by an area of arctic high pressure that has been helping to keep the really […] Read more

Warmer temperatures mean warmer grain in the bin

Solar heating on the south side of bins means that proper spring grain drying and storage are critical

As outdoor temperatures increase, stored grain requires attention to prevent losses, says Ken Hellevang, North Dakota State University Extension agricultural engineer and grain-drying expert. The stored grain temperature increases in the spring not only due to an increase in outdoor temperatures but also due to solar heat gain on the bin. Solar energy produces more […] Read more

Forecast: Spring melt to begin in earnest

Issued April 1, 2019: Covering the period from April 3 to April 9

Surprisingly, last week’s forecast played out pretty close to what the models had forecast. The biggest difference was in the overnight lows, which tended to be a little warmer than forecast. While the cooler-than-average temperatures might not have been what everyone wanted, they did create nearly perfect conditions for a nice slow melt. It is […] Read more

Flood outlook may improve under slow spring melt

The risk of significant spring flooding isn’t that high, except for the Red River Valley

As we discussed in my previous article, if you want warm spring temperatures you need to have snow-free ground. While there was plenty of warm air moving into our region last week, the widespread snow cover kept things a little cooler than anticipated. That said, with all the snow cover and the cold ground, I […] Read more

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