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U.S. Senate building

Comment: September slips away — and so do political solutions

The clock is ticking on several U.S. policy decisions that could have global implications

There are never enough days in September for farmers, ranchers, and pennant-chasing baseball teams. Every day, whether spent in a combine, pasture or batter’s box, brings change to what’s real today and what’s possible tomorrow. And it happens fast; September days don’t pass, they evaporate. The U.S. Congress, however, seems not to notice days, months

Cattle markets beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Producers are cleaning out their pens ahead of year-end

As the last few days of 2017 wind down, so too does activity at most auction marts in the province. Volumes were noticeably weaker during the week ended Dec. 15 as producers cleaned out their pens before the end of the year. Just over 5,000 animals made their way to Manitoba’s eight major outlets, compared

Visitors check out Deere equipment at the National Farm Machinery show in Louisville, Kentucky on Feb. 11. With U.S. farmers bracing for a third year of declining incomes, many have said 
they can’t afford upgrades — which means tough times for Deere and rivals such as Agco, CNH and Claas.

Tighter credit heralds more pain in U.S. farming downturn

Adjusted for inflation, U.S. farm debt is at its highest levels since the 1980s

Steve Irish used to farm 450 acres of rich crop fields in east-central Illinois, but that 15-year chapter of his life ended with a recent conversation with his banker. The banker was blunt. Irish was deep in debt from the farm equipment he bought, and needed to pay back the money he owed. So now

Clayton Robins opened his farm for a tour in mid-August to explain the benefits of his high-energy forage grazing system.

Putting grazing theory into practice

Clayton Robins suggests a grazing system of high-energy 
forage can hone the best gains while regenerating pastures

Following years of research and the publication of a Nuffield study, Clayton Robins is now seeing the results of implementing a high-energy forage system on his own farm. “The greatest hurdle to the forage-fed beef enterprise lies in the difficulty in providing an adequate level of diet energy, especially in the form of a low-cost

dutch sow

Editorial: Pork sector making progress

A recent survey suggests the Manitoba pork sector is making incremental but important gains in repairing its relationship with the general public. A survey of 1,000 households conducted by Probe Research recently found 56 per cent favoured loosening the restrictions the Manitoba government has placed on new barn construction. Thirty-two per cent favoured leaving those

meat display

How cattle were raised – grass-fed or grain-fed – does affect that grilling experience

Most consumers prefer grain-fed over grass-fed beef

The great thing about this country is we have many choices. But choices can be a challenge, too. How does the production system impact your grilling and eating experience? Well, for nearly 95 per cent of all U.S. beef produced, the traditional system is weaning a calf at six to seven months. Then it’s placed

Researchers believe wild boars are more prevalent than many people realize.

Tracking the elusive but destructive wild boar

The highly reclusive wild boar may be responsible for much more 
crop damage than previously thought

Ruth Kost has never seen a wild boar before but she’s hoping that will change after a summer spent tracking the elusive beast. “They don’t like to show themselves,” said the University of Saskatchewan master’s student. “They are kind of reclusive, they avoid people… and they’re very aware of hunting pressures.” But just because you

cattle on a pasture

McDonald’s makes progress with sustainable beef pilot project

McDonald’s is looking for cattle producers throughout Canada to 
participate in pilot project looking at the sustainable production

McDonald’s Canada representatives may soon be visiting Manitoba cattle farms as the company moves forward with a pilot program designed to increase the amount of beef it sources from sustainable suppliers. “This verification program is open to anyone across Canada who wants to participate. We have had some interest from Manitoba already. One Manitoba producer

U.S. Capitol Hill senate building

Editorial: COOL fight not over yet

U.S. legislators will soon vote to repeal, but how it will all play out remains to be clear

The WTO has made its final-final decision in Canada’s favour on U.S. labelling laws. It now appears that U.S. legislators in the House of Representatives will vote next month on a bill to repeal it. But Canada’s COOL fight isn’t over. Support for repealing the legislation is less secure from the U.S. Senate where the

chickens in a barn

Mozart and mood lighting, a healthy prescription for chickens?

Combined with probiotics, it all adds up to a reduced need for drugs

In barns filled with classical music and lighting that changes to match the hues outside, rows of chickens are fed a diet rich in probiotics, a regimen designed to remove the need for the drugs and chemicals that have tainted the global food chain. As food giants face growing pressure to offer healthier produce, Southeast