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Canola council’s new priorities aim to be more efficient, effective

Changes are coming to promotion, agronomy and funding

The Canola Council of Canada has slashed its budget by 40 per cent for the upcoming year. The organization is revamping its priorities to be more effective and efficient in growing Canadian canola markets and production. The changes, which include a shift in canola promotion, the council’s role in agronomy and funding, received unanimous support […] Read more

2019 Canada Food Price Report: Meat prices to decline

This is the first time since its inception that the report is forecasting lower prices for meat tied to rising consumer interest in switching over to more plant-based protein in their diets

Canadian households are going to pay more for food next year, but for the agriculture industry the telling point is what they’ll be spending their money on. Canadian households can expect to see a 3.5 per cent increase to their overall food bill next year — spending about $411 more — according to Canada’s Food […] Read more

Editorial: The slow road to rural Internet growth

The other day I had the opportunity to sit down with some of the equipment manufacturers developing the latest precision agriculture technology. The discussion was both interesting and informative and hinted at some tantalizing developments as this system really begins to get going. But it also revealed just how dependent the whole thing is going […] Read more


Opinions differ on quinoa prices in 2019

CNS Canada — There are opposing views on what will happen with Canadian quinoa prices in 2019. One buyer believes the specialty crop will increase a few cents per pound; another believes the price will slightly decrease in the New Year. Dan Boulton of NorQuin at Saskatoon said there is a world shortage of quinoa, […] Read more