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Timing not yet set on expanded advance payments for canola

MarketsFarm — With no clear end in sight to the dispute between China and Canada over Canadian canola, producers are anxious to know how and when they might access support programs to maintain cash flow. Since plans to help canola growers through expansions to the federal Advance Payments Program (APP) were announced May 1, there […] Read more

one dollar banknote among wheat grains

Is it the end of the ag trade world as we know it?

Trade tensions, ad hoc American subsidies and surplus stocks raise the spectre of the 1980s — an era of grain subsidy wars and low prices

As Manitoba farmers wrap up seeding they face more uncertainty than usual, including the potential unravelling of the international, rules-based trading system that has become almost as essential as rain. Meanwhile, crop prices are down after a decade of relatively good returns spurring global production to exceed demand, exacerbated now by African swine fever decimating […] Read more

Growing food exports a bright spot

The current trade dispute with China will see exports to that country drop in 2019

Amid all the negative trade news something positive: last year Canada exported a record $59.3 billion of agri-food products. That’s up three per cent from 2017, the Canadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance (CAFTA) says in its April newsletter. “The gains are being fuelled by ever-increasing global demand for world-class Canadian products including in key markets such […] Read more