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Regenerative agriculture gets ready for the spotlight in Brandon

The Manitoba Forage and Grassland Association is gearing up for its regenerative agriculture conference later this month

An upcoming conference in Brandon will examine how to build up land, rather than just harvesting from it. The Manitoba Forage and Grassland Association is preparing for its first-ever regenerative agriculture conference Nov. 27 and 28, with the theme “Adapting to Today’s Food and Farming World.” MFGA says it’s hoping a lineup of producer testimony […] Read more

Some points for a horse hay shopping list

Our own senses are wonderful tools for making informed choices about hay. Choose hay that is as fine stemmed, green and as leafy as possible

Hay selection is an important aspect of horse ownership. The type and quality of hay the horse eats can make a big difference in its overall nutrition, and its value in a horse’s diet is unquestionable. The extra dollars spent on sourcing good-quality hay and its proper storage is invariably cost effective on many levels […] Read more

Straw shortfalls throw a wrench in feed plans

There have been widespread reports of straw shortages, with producers pointing to drought stress on cereals, as well as harvest technologies that pulverize it

Straw is in high demand and short supply in Manitoba. Producers looking to it as an alternative feed source are finding there is little to be had due to drought-shortened cereal crops, crop rotation shifts, and the proliferation of rotary combines. Ray Bittner, provincial livestock specialist in the Interlake, said there is “almost no straw […] Read more

Spring forage woes linger for first cut

Producers were glad to see forage jump in June, but many first-cut reports are still coming up short

Manitoba’s first forage cut is still showing the signs of a slow start this spring. The Manitoba Forage and Grassland Association observed lower alfalfa yields compared to last year in some regions. John McGregor, co-ordinator for the MFGA Green Gold program, says stands in eastern Manitoba were three inches shorter on average, coming in at […] Read more

Alfalfa in early to late-flowering stage

Forage and grassland conditions for Eastern/Interlake and Western/Central Manitoba as of June 11

This is the final report for the Green Gold program for 2018. With all fields now flowering quality has dropped very quickly. There are no samples for the Interlake for this report. Green Gold Report for Eastern/Interlake, June 11 Green Gold Report for Western/Central, June 11 This is the final release for the 2018 Optimum […] Read more

Plenty of good quality hay predicted for EastMan

Forage and grassland conditions for Western/Central Manitoba and Eastern/Interlake as of June 6 and June 7

Western/Central areas continue to see some very good growth. Over the past 7 days RFV’s were trending down at approx. 5 pts./day. With today’s results we see a slight upwards movement in RFV’s. Hay Day for the Eastern area is predicted to be June 10th. With a lot of cutting happening due to the crop […] Read more

‘Hay Day’ arrives for forage growers in WestMan

Forage and grassland conditions for Western/Central Manitoba as of June 6

Alfalfa is advancing very quickly in most of the West/Central area and is at or getting close to the optimum stage for dairy quality forage. Reports this morning still has alfalfa growing at a rate of one inch per day or more. Green Gold Report for Western/Central, June 4 This is the fifth release for […] Read more

Rain relief brings good news for forage crops

The initial dour outlook for forage is looking brighter now that the dry spell has broken

Forage growers are seeing a glimmer of hope for the first time this season, with stands jumping from the recent rains. Some areas broke 10 millimetres of cumulated monthly rainfall for the first time in the last week of May. Brandon counted just over 55 millimetres through May and June as of June 3, while […] Read more

Fair weather sees good forage growth, alfalfa weevils on the scene

Forage and grassland conditions for Eastern Manitoba/Interlake and Western Manitoba/Central as of May 30 – 31

Fields in the Western area received some welcome rains with reports in the 2 inch range as of May 30. Central Manitoba reported only trace amounts of precipitation. Fields in Southeast Manitoba received around 7 mm while the Interlake received as much as 14 mm. Fields in the East that saw 3-4 inches of growth […] Read more