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Opinion: The ongoing class struggle

What’s fuelling new concerns about Western Canada’s wheat classification system?

Their timing seems off. Three years ago after consulting and reaching a consensus with Western Canada’s grain industry, the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) changed the end-use quality standards of two major wheat classes to address customer complaints about end-use quality, including low gluten strength. Now Cereals Canada’s executive director Cam Dahl says the wheat classification […] Read more

The wheat class review process

The focus was on addressing customer complaints that wheats in the CWRS class had reduced gluten strength

Customer complaints about lower gluten strength wheat in the Canada Western Red Spring (CWRS) class started making headlines in 2013. But industry officials including Earl Geddes, then the executive director of the Canadian International Grains Institute (Cigi), and then Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) chief commissioner Elwin Hermanson, said the problem could be fixed. Chinese officials […] Read more

Grain commission wheat class process criticized

The Alberta Wheat Commission and Cereals Canada call for more transparency and industry input

Two grain groups are calling for reforms to how the grain industry determines end-use quality standards for milling wheat classes. Cereals Canada and the Alberta Wheat Commission say the process needs to be more open. The class system, overseen by the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) and used to protect Can­ada’s reputation for consistent wheat quality […] Read more

A fine balance

One major wheat seed producer says protecting Canada’s quality reputation is important

Changes to wheat classes have been disruptive for the seed business, but it was also necessary, according to a representative of one of the country’s major seed companies. Todd Hyra, Western Canada business manager for SeCan says even though the wheat class changes have disrupted business for SeCan and its seed grower-members, restoring gluten strength […] Read more

Go to hull

The latest releases from the Crop Development Centre at the U of S bring back something long gone from most wheat varieties

When most of us think of a wheat kernel, we think of the familiar smooth seed with an indentation on one side. But this is actually a relatively recent development, coinciding with the introduction of high-yielding bread and durum varieties that we’re all familiar with, roughly in the early 1900s. The earliest wheats were hulled, […] Read more

Bill C-49: Helping the railways farm the farmers

This legislation is flawed and will deregulate railways by stealth

Here we go again! Some Prairie farmers cannot ship their grain. Grain companies and their friends are blaming the railways for not getting the grain to port. After months of railway lobbying, the federal government is pushing new transportation legislation, claiming Bill C-49 will punish the railways for neglecting grain shipments. Yet this legislation effectively […] Read more

Feeding yield, not disease

Agronomist Peter Johnson explores what he calls the synergy between nitrogen and fungicide and what it means for yield

Agronomist Peter Johnson thinks fungicide and nitrogen are a match made in heaven and a late fungicide pass may help bolster yield in wheat. Johnson, of RealAgriculture, turned his talk to wheat yield during the recent BASF Knowledge Harvest event in Brandon. The cereal has become a gap filler in between crops like soybeans and […] Read more

Winning the race against rust

The latest technology has scientists poised for a breakthrough on this tough crop disease

With its ever-evolving virulence, rust is a disease of major global concern for farmers. Now a group of scientists says cutting-edge genome sequencing technology could provide a better path forward than the traditional approaches using fungicides. The scientists, from U.S. and Australian government agencies and universities, recently released the results in mBio, a journal from […] Read more

Oat prices to stay put over next 24 months

Manitoba and oats go together like beta glucan and heart health

Manitoba farmers could be poised to capitalize on a growing global demand for oats — if Canada gains access to the Chinese market. Speaking to producers at CropConnect in Winnipeg last week, market analyst Randy Strychar said that changing consumption patterns at home and abroad are presenting new opportunities for Prairie oat growers, particularly those […] Read more

Canada’s new and growing market: Nigeria

This African nation has a young and growing population, making it an ever more important buyer

The 2017 new crop missions’ Team Canada Wheat visited Canada’s top customers and provided them with technical data and support. Who are Canada’s top customers? Some of the answers, like Japan, will be no surprise to anyone, but many would not expect to see one of our newest top customers, Nigeria on the list. Fifteen […] Read more