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WCWGA searching for new executive director

Robin Speer, who has had the job since Nov. 2, 2015, joined CN Rail last month

The Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association (WCWGA) is seeking a new executive director. Robin Speer, who took over the job from Blair Rutter Nov. 2, 2015, joined CN Rail in mid-September as manager for public affairs in Saskatchewan. Speer said in his new position he will work with Saskatchewan municipalities, industry organizations, city and provincial officials. “I will […] Read more

Fighting European corn borer? Manitoba Agriculture wants to hear from you

There’s been no Bt resistance yet in Manitoba’s European corn borer population, 
but entomologist John Gavloski is keeping a sharp eye out

John Gavloski is back on the hunt for European corn borer (ECB). The provincial entomologist hopes to collect 50-100 larvae from Carman-area fields this year, part of a long-standing project to monitor resistance to Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis), a toxin-producing bacteria and the most commonly cited ECB management method. Bt is either used as a spray, […] Read more

Planting winter wheat this fall?

Eliminate the ‘green bridge’ to prevent the crop from being infected by wheat streak mosaic

This year’s relatively early canola harvest will let Manitoba farmers seed winter wheat earlier too, but Lionel Kaskiw warns growers to break the “green bridge” to prevent wheat streak mosaic infections. Most often winter wheat is seeded in early September into canola stubble. “We’re definitely at a stage this year where we can get out […] Read more

Time to plant winter wheat

On average winter wheat still has a yield advantage over spring wheats, but there are other factors to consider 

The first two weeks of September is the best time for seeding winter wheat and with many canola crops already harvested there are fields suited for seeding now, says Lionel Kaskiw, Manitoba Agriculture’s farm production advisor in Souris. But interest in winter wheat is declining with some farmers saying they can get almost the same […] Read more

Decision data for winter cereals released

Various industry staff members have crunched this data and released it early to ensure farmers 
have the latest information when picking varieties for this fall

Since 2008, MCVET (Manitoba Crop Variety Evaluation Team) has been publishing winter cereal data collected from its trials shortly after harvest to help farmers and seed growers make variety decisions. In 2017, yield data is being published for five fall rye and eight winter wheat varieties from 10 locations across Manitoba. Agronomic and disease-resistance information for the […] Read more

The key to drought-tolerant crops may be in the leaves

Leaf wax acts as the equivalent of ‘lip balm’ for plants, 
protecting them from the harmful effects of drought

A new study suggests breeding plants with a thicker layer of leaf wax is the key to greater drought tolerance and growing crops in more arid regions. Sarah Feakins, a scientist at University of Southern California who has studied leaf wax in the context of climate change, teamed up recently with researchers at Texas A&M […] Read more

Winter wheat harvest shows effect of winter thaw

A warm spell this past winter has left an unfortunate legacy

Manitoba’s winter wheat yields won’t be breaking any records this year. Early-season concerns over winterkill are now being realized at the grain bin as harvest progresses. Much of the east, central Manitoba and Interlake reported poor or patchy regrowth in early 2017, something experts blamed on a mid-winter melt. “In eastern Manitoba, there was a […] Read more

Check moisture before applying pre-harvest glyphosate

The Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission is reminding wheat producers to know the moisture content of their crop before applying pre-harvest herbicides and to always apply according to the label information. “With the increased scrutiny many chemicals are receiving, especially from export markets, it’s important to always apply them correctly,” says Sask Wheat chair Bill Gehl. […] Read more

High Clearance Sprayer

Heat LQ, OK for pre-harvest application on wheat, durum and barley

Maximum Residue Limits have been set for Heat LQ applied on wheat, durum and barley

BASF’s Heat LQ herbicide can now be used pre-harvest in Canada on wheat, durum and barley without potentially hurting export markets, BASF Canada said in a news release Aug. 17. Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) for Heat LQ as a harvest aid in cereals has been set by the CODEX Alimentarius Commission (CAC), a United Nation’s […] Read more

Aphid-borne virus found in Manitoba oat fields

The virus, and its associated chlorosis and premature maturation, has been noted in several oat fields

Oat fields in central Manitoba are fighting off barley yellow dwarf virus. “We see it from year to year,” Man­itoba Agriculture field crop pathologist Holly Derksen said. “I think this is probably the most severe that I’ve seen it in fields, but that being said, it’s historically been present in Manitoba and in varying levels.” […] Read more