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Making bread — and maybe history too

The first loaves of bread made from Kernza have been gobbled up in Manitoba

You won’t be buying Kernza bread in a Manitoba bakery or grocery store any time soon, but a small group of proponents see it as a sign of things to come. Guests at a small reception at the Tall Grass Prairie Bakery in downtown Winnipeg Nov. 23 were treated to loaves of freshly baked sourdough […] Read more

High-tech tracker to battle ancient wheat plague

Wheat rust early detection is critical and a surprising source is providing new hope

The tracking technology used to halt the deadly Ebola and Zika viruses could now be turned against wheat rust as scientists try new ways to stop the fungus devastating world grain crops. Wheat rusts are nothing new — ancient Romans honoured the rust god Robigus, hoping to protect their fields — but they are adapting […] Read more

Nominations open Nov. 1 for wheat and barley association directors

The election will be held at the 
MWBGA’s annual meeting Feb. 15, 2018, 
but advance ballots are also available

Nominations to fill three positions on the Manitoba Wheat and Barley Growers Association’s (MWBGA) board of directors open Nov. 1 and close Nov. 30 at 4:30 p.m. Incumbent MWBGA chair Fred Greig of Reston intends to stand for election, he said in an email. The other two incumbents are Dylan Wiebe of Altona and Justin […] Read more

Farmer in wheat field

Column roils wheat grading controversy

Former NFU president Stewart Wells claims the system is under attack, 
but the grain trade says a small change will protect a big market

Is the Canadian wheat grading system under attack? That’s the concern being raised by former NFU president Stewart Wells, who says the U.S. has painted a target on it, and the local grain trade is helping them zero in. Read more: Grading system needed to ensure proper compensation Wells wrote about his concern for the nation’s […] Read more

Grading system needed to ensure proper compensation

Canada’s wheat grading system is essential so farmers get fairly compensated by grain buyers, says Stewart Wells. Without it grain companies can pay farmers different prices for the same quality of wheat. “It’s about transparency and farmers being paid properly and fairly for what they do,” Wells said in an interview Oct. 11. “If there […] Read more

Stand up for our grain grading system

It would be a mistake to alter the Canadian Grain Act to allow U.S. grain to enter our system

In 2014, a longtime advocate for grain trade deregulation and a former researcher for the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association was quoted in the ag press as saying, “I don’t remember one serious conversation about market power and the dangers it imposed.” Apparently that conversation still hasn’t happened for the farmers who are lobbying to […] Read more

WCWGA searching for new executive director

Robin Speer, who has had the job since Nov. 2, 2015, joined CN Rail last month

The Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association (WCWGA) is seeking a new executive director. Robin Speer, who took over the job from Blair Rutter Nov. 2, 2015, joined CN Rail in mid-September as manager for public affairs in Saskatchewan. Speer said in his new position he will work with Saskatchewan municipalities, industry organizations, city and provincial officials. “I will […] Read more

Fighting European corn borer? Manitoba Agriculture wants to hear from you

There’s been no Bt resistance yet in Manitoba’s European corn borer population, 
but entomologist John Gavloski is keeping a sharp eye out

John Gavloski is back on the hunt for European corn borer (ECB). The provincial entomologist hopes to collect 50-100 larvae from Carman-area fields this year, part of a long-standing project to monitor resistance to Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis), a toxin-producing bacteria and the most commonly cited ECB management method. Bt is either used as a spray, […] Read more

Planting winter wheat this fall?

Eliminate the ‘green bridge’ to prevent the crop from being infected by wheat streak mosaic

This year’s relatively early canola harvest will let Manitoba farmers seed winter wheat earlier too, but Lionel Kaskiw warns growers to break the “green bridge” to prevent wheat streak mosaic infections. Most often winter wheat is seeded in early September into canola stubble. “We’re definitely at a stage this year where we can get out […] Read more

Time to plant winter wheat

On average winter wheat still has a yield advantage over spring wheats, but there are other factors to consider 

The first two weeks of September is the best time for seeding winter wheat and with many canola crops already harvested there are fields suited for seeding now, says Lionel Kaskiw, Manitoba Agriculture’s farm production advisor in Souris. But interest in winter wheat is declining with some farmers saying they can get almost the same […] Read more