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Canada’s new and growing market: Nigeria

This African nation has a young and growing population, making it an ever more important buyer

The 2017 new crop missions’ Team Canada Wheat visited Canada’s top customers and provided them with technical data and support. Who are Canada’s top customers? Some of the answers, like Japan, will be no surprise to anyone, but many would not expect to see one of our newest top customers, Nigeria on the list. Fifteen […] Read more

VIDEO: Baker Colony brings home corn competition win once again

Manitoba Corn Growers Association yield competition winner on familiar ground

Baker Colony near MacGregor, Man., won the Manitoba Corn Growers Association’s 2017 corn yield contest for the third year in a row breaking the record the colony set in 2016 with a yield of 306.4 bushels an acre. Manitoba Co-operator reporter Allan Dawson spoke with Mack Walder of Baker Colony on Feb. 14 at CropConnect.

Prairie wheat bids follow lead of most U.S. futures

Durum bids in northwestern Saskatchewan rose to line up with those in other regions

Wheat bids in Western Canada rose in price for the week ended Feb. 9, for the most part following the lead of the U.S. futures markets. Depending on the location, average Canada Western Red Spring (CWRS, 13.5 per cent protein) wheat prices rose in Western Canada by $7-$9, according to price quotes from a cross-section […] Read more

Heavy rains not seen slowing Brazilian winter corn

There might be a small acreage drop, but the country is expected to continue to be a leading exporter

Reuters – Forecasts of heavy rainfall during Brazil’s soy-harvesting season are unlikely to discourage farmers from planting winter corn, according to Agroconsult, as it kicked off an annual crop tour Jan. 16 in the top grain-producing state of Mato Grosso. Once an afterthought, winter or second corn is planted after soybeans are harvested in states […] Read more

Snow-bare cereals see deep freeze

Winter cereal crops are facing down extreme cold warnings without 
much snow buffer this winter, so what will that mean for spring?

It’s not time to panic yet on winter cereals, despite sparse snow and cold weather. Curtis Sims of Winter Cereals Canada, and a MacGregor-area producer, says the lack of insulation and frigid weather was far from ideal but it is too early to measure spring impact. “One always feels more comfortable with more snow, but […] Read more

Prairie wheat bids follow U.S. futures higher

The Canadian dollar rose almost one U.S. cent on the week

Hard red spring wheat bids in Western Canada rose over the past week, following the lead of U.S. futures markets, despite gains in the Canadian dollar. Depending on the location, average Canada Western Red Spring (CWRS, 13.5 per cent protein) wheat prices rose by about $3-$4 per tonne in some areas of Western Canada, according […] Read more

Chicago style hot dog with deli mustard and green relish

Bakers, farmers struggle to make a little dough

A poor crop is wreaking havoc on bakers and creating market opportunities for high-protein wheat

Chicago’s iconic sandwiches — Italian beef heroes dripping with gravy, and hotdogs loaded with pickles and hot peppers — wouldn’t be such culinary institutions without the bread. But this fall, bakers faced a crisis getting the right kind of bread to delis and sandwich shops locally and across the United States. Gonnella Baking Co. — […] Read more

Subjective? Not exactly

Western Canada’s wheat-grading system is probably more objective than you think

For 40 years Western Canada’s grain industry has dreamed about the black box — an affordable machine that would take a handful of wheat and quickly and accurately spit out its end-use quality on the elevator driveway. Like flying cars and cellulosic ethanol, it’s just around the corner, but never arrives. The black box is […] Read more

Falling number, objective grain-grading debate not new

The grain industry explored machine testing more than a decade ago

Calls for “objective” grain grading on the elevator driveway, especially for falling number, have been around for years, ebbing and flowing with the quality of the wheat crop. These days it’s the Alberta Grain Commission and Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association (WCWGA) advocating for the change. They say since grain companies sell wheat to customers […] Read more

Complaints about Canadian grading of U.S. wheat justified: Gifford

American complaints that Canadian regulations unfairly block American wheat from entering Canadian elevators are justified, says Mike Gifford, Canada’s former chief agricultural trade negotiator. “This is a classic issue of where the optics are awful,” Gifford told the 22nd annual Fields on Wheels conference in Winnipeg Dec. 15. “It seems to me it is an […] Read more