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Oakland Hatcheries’ ‘Big 3’ in egg production

Our History: February 1960

You had a choice of three breeds — Shaver, Fisher and Ames — if you were responding to this ad from Oakland Hatcheries in our Feb. 18, 1960 issue.

The front-page story that week reported on a letter sent by Manitoba Pool president W.J. Parker to Prime Minister John Diefenbaker on behalf of the three Prairie Pools and United Grain Growers. They expressed concern that the Canadian government was pressuring Japan to continue its voluntary controls on exports of manufactured goods to Canada, and that Japan might respond with restrictions on imports of Canadian wheat.

We reported that the Master Breeder Shield, the highest award for Holstein breeders, had been awarded to the purebred herd at the Hospital of Mental Diseases farm in Selkirk. The herd was maintained by staff of the Department of Agriculture, and had grown to 200 animals from 19 in 1921.

No Holsteins were on offer in that issue’s classifieds, but Shorthorn bulls seemed to be in good supply with prices ranging from $135 to $225. If you were interested in farmland, a quarter section with 90 cultivated acres on Hwy. 50 near McCreary was advertised at $2,000. If you wanted a one-cylinder Field Marshall diesel tractor, there was “plenty of life left” in one available for $400.

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