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VIDEO: Ag Ex debuts Speckled Park cattle

Speckled Park cattle are more common in northwestern Saskatchewan, but they’ve made their way onto the Ag Ex schedule this year

Manitoba breeders have a new breed to show locally. The Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba’s Ag Ex is already one of the biggest stops for Manitoba cattle breeders, with at least one breed usually crowning its national champion every year in Brandon. This  is the first year, however, that Speckled Park has been in the mix. […] Read more

Attitude, Leadership and Goals

Learn from positivity speaker Sylvain Boudreau how a shift in your perspective can turn you into the CEO of Me Inc. He’ll share his unique views on motivation and attitude. Video highlights: • Like a CEO manages departments of a company, you can manage the departments of your life • How you react to events […] Read more

Oct 15-31| BTT Weed Clipper

Scott Garvey from Grainews Magazine and AgDealer’s Spencer Myers met up with Brent Fagnou, an engineer from Bourgault to talk about one of their newer products, the BTT Weed Clipper. This video was filmed earlier this year at Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina, SK.

Finish Your Story

Farming is more than your livelihood. It’s your life and your legacy. That’s why developing a transition plan early is so important. Watch this video that celebrates the journey.  

Oct 1-15| Grainews Machinery Challenge: Kubota’s M7 Tractor

For this year's annual Grainews Machinery Challenge, Scott Garvey and AgDealer's Spencer Myers tested a Kubota M7 Series Tractor at the Ag In Motion show grounds. Watch to see how the M7 Series stands up to tough jobs and every day farm use.

Ask an Expert: Land Rentals with J.P. Gervais

J.P. Gervais, FCC Chief Agricultural Economist, explains landlord-tenant interaction and how communicating about crops and agriculture can help maintain positive relationships. You’ll learn the basics of setting a rental price fair to both parties, some factors that typically influence land rental contracts and why written contracts are better than verbal.

VIDEO: Dome Building grand opening in Brandon

The Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba held the grand opening of the refurbished Dome Building on the Keystone Centre fairgrounds in Brandon Sept. 12. The building, properly named the Dominion Display Building II, was built in 1913 for the nationwide Dominion Exhibition, but had fallen into disrepair before the community spearheaded a fundraising campaign to save […] Read more

Sept 16-30| Duck Foot Upgrade Tine

AgDealerTV's Spencer Myers and Scott Garvey from Grainews talk with Steve Kastning about his new inventionthe Duck Foot Upgrade Tine, a swather reel attachment that clips onto your existing swather reel. This video was filmed earlier this summer at Canada's Farm Progress Show 2018.