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A more secure seed supply will mean a more secure food supply, the non-profit SeedChange says.

Non-profit touting food resiliency

SeedChange says a more stable food system starts with greater access to saved seed

SeedChange, a non-profit that works with farmers in Canada and around the world to save seeds and grow food sustainably, is launching a campaign for a more resilient post-COVID Canadian food supply. “It’s no secret that the coronavirus is impacting Canada’s food supply,” said Jane Rabinowicz, executive director of SeedChange. “Covid-19 has revealed the importance

Seed catalogues are a good source of information about planting dates.
Use clean containers, a sterile planting medium, and don’t forget to label

It’s time to start planting!

Not all seeds should be started yet indoors but there are some that can be planted now

It’s time! Mid-March, for avid gardeners, is like a bell ringing. We can begin to start some seeds indoors to establish plants for our outdoor gardens. Many of us have already ordered seeds from catalogues or visited seed houses that sell them. (I luckily live fairly close to a really reliable one that has been

Manitoba soybean yields disappoint

CNS Canada — With Manitoba farmers starting to bring in their early-maturing soybeans between intermittent rains, they may start to see the toll from the dry summer. Many crop analysts see soybean yields below what farmers have enjoyed for the past couple of years, but they stress that fields are variable and that longer-season varieties

EU starts in-depth probe of Bayer-Monsanto deal

Brussels/Frankfurt | Reuters — The European Commission has started an in-depth investigation of Bayer’s planned US$66 billion takeover of U.S. seeds group Monsanto, saying it was worried about competition in various pesticide and seeds markets. The deal would create the world’s largest integrated pesticides and seeds company, the Commission said, adding this limited the number

Disease issues can really hurt seed germination, making testing before planting very important.

Seed quality highly variable

A tough growing year has translated into seed that can have lower germ levels

Seed quality in Manitoba for the upcoming growing season is a mixed bag depending on the crop, according to Holly Gelech, manager of business development for BioVision Seed Labs in Winnipeg. The average germination of wheat seed tested from the 2016 crop is 86.3 per cent, down six per cent from the five-year high of

Agricultural merger mania fuels fears among small seed sellers

Chicago | Reuters — The U.S. Justice Department is looking into concerns that global consolidation among major seed and agricultural chemical companies may squeeze supplies of the building blocks for widely used genetically modified seeds, a farm group told Reuters. The department has asked the American Soybean Association for details about how small and independent

Actors Amelia Sargisson and Eric Peterson play playwright Annabel Soutar and Percy Schmeiser in “Seeds.”  PHOTO: HAANITA SEVAL

‘Seeds’ docudrama tells the compelling Percy Schmeiser vs Monsanto story

Annabel Soutar's play on now at the Prairie Theatre Exchange is thought provoking, nuanced and entertaining

“Seeds” playwright Annabel Soutar was surprised where her investigation into the legal battle between convicted canola patent infringer and Bruno, Sask., farmer Percy Schmeiser, and Monsanto Canada, took her. “It intrigued me from the beginning,” Soutar said in a telephone interview Feb. 17, while waiting to catch a flight to Winnipeg where “Seeds,” starring Eric

A polar bear sculpture made of ice stands outside the Global Seed Vault in Longyearbyen at the facility’s opening in February 2008. The vault has been built in a mountainside cavern on Spitsbergen Island around 1,000 km (600 miles) from the North Pole to store the world’s crop seeds in case of disaster.

Doomsday Arctic seed vault to receive two deposits in 2016

The vault built to protect the world's seed supplied is built into the side of a Norwegian mountain

Two new consignments of crop seeds will be deposited this year in the “doomsday vault” built in an Arctic mountainside to safeguard global supplies. The vault — which opened on the Svalbard archipelago between Norway and the North Pole in 2008 — is designed to protect crop seeds such as beans, rice and wheat against

Canola is a more suitable crop for broadcast seeding than sunflowers or even cereals.

Making broadcast seeding work for you

Incorporation is a prerequisite to getting crop insurance coverage, as well as crop 
establishment that is equal to or greater than the farmer’s coverage

If you’re broadcast seeding it’s probably because the soil is too wet to permit conventional planting. But ironically, you’ll need more rain to germinate that broadcasted crop because of poor seed-to-soil contact. “Rainfall is important after because if the seed is on the soil surface you’ll need the rain to get it going,” Lionel Kaskiw,