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Moving equipment is a high-risk operation

There are many pitfalls that increase the chances of being in a serious accident

According to the Canadian Agricultural Injury Reporting (CAIR) program, 13 per cent of farm-related fatalities across Canada are traffic related, and most involved tractors. During the busy fall harvest season, farmers often travel long distances between fields, and this requires transporting equipment on public roads throughout rural Alberta. Farm equipment is oversized and slow compared

New Accident Reporting Rules

Manitoba government release Under changes to the Highway Traffic Act (HTA) that went into effect Oct. 10, motorists will no longer be required to report collisions involving property damage to police, except under certain circumstances, Attorney General Andrew Swan, minister responsible for Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI), has announced. These changes respond to a request from

Truckin’ Around In A New Ford F150 EcoBoost

There are lots of people around for whom that new truck smell is nothing remarkable. After all, trucks are not only a fact of rural life, they are for many, a necessary all-purpose vehicle. You don’t see many farmyards across this province that don’t have at least one light-duty truck parked in the driveway. Compare

IPhone App Brings Roadside Assistance Running

Motorists can now tap a key on their IPhone and a Canadian Automobile Association’s roadside assistance driver will locate them using GPS technology. “By simply tapping open our App on your iPhone screen and clicking the “request for assistance” button, we will quickly receive your request for service and your location through GPS technology,” says

Greyhound Lifts Threat To Suspend Manitoba Service

“The way we know Greyhound now is not the way we’ll know Greyhound in the future.” – manitoba government spokesperson Greyhound buses continued to roll this week as talks continued between the company and the province on ways to keep the carrier operating in Manitoba. The government is offering an as-yet undisclosed package of route

Manitoba Faces Major Transport Loss

“It’s going to affect everybody.” – DOUG DOBROWOLSKI, AMM Ahigh-stakes showdown between Greyhound Canada and the Manitoba government continues amid threats by the carrier to shut down its bus service in the province completely. Provincial officials were scheduled to meet with Greyhound this week to discuss the company’s demands for a $15-million bailout to help