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U. S. Election To Take Toll On Farm Funding

U. S. lawmakers will face increasing pressure to constrain spending on farm subsidy programs after mid-term elections on Nov. 2, possibly as part of government- wide belt tightening. At its most extreme, the budget cutting could push millions of acres back into production by slashing long-term reserves that idle 10 per cent of U. S.

Poll shows McCain, Obama tied in rural vote

After trailing by 10 points in U. S. rural areas, Democrat Barack Obama is neck and neck with Republican John McCain among rural voters in 13 swing states, a potentially key group for winning the White House, according to a poll released last Thursday. Obama was supported by 46 per cent and McCain by 45

Inconclusive results may force parties to co-operate

“They have to at least get something done or a pox on all their houses.” – Peter Phillips, U of S It was an election that few wanted and nobody really won. Besides producing a third consecutive minority government, Canada’s 40th general election last week saw political parties all fail to live up to expectations