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weekly weather map – for Dec. 17, 2009

This map is created by Environment Canada but I do a fair bit of tidying up of the data displayed to make

it easier to read. Because of this the data on the map should be seen as giving you a general idea of how

much snow there is across the Prairies. From the map we can see that snow cover has definitely increased

over the first two weeks of December but amounts are still fairly low for much of Saskatchewan and central


The weather page is prepared by Daniel Bezte. Dan has a BA Honours degree in geography, specializing in climatology, from the U of W. He has taught climate and weather classes at the U of W, and is a guest climate expert on CJOB’s morning show with Larry Updike. Daniel runs a computerized weather station on his 10 acres near Birds Hill Park, which he plans to develop into a small vegetable and fruit hobby farm.

Daniel welcomes questions and comments at [email protected]



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