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No significant storms in sight

Weather forecast for week of Nov. 11, 2013

Last week’s forecast pretty much fell apart after the weekend, as a very strong area of arctic high pressure dropped southeastward, bringing the coldest air of the season to all areas. Luckily this area of high pressure moved through quickly, resulting in only a day or two of cold air.

This forecast period looks to be pretty quiet, with no significant storm systems expected. Here is the big picture as to how the main weather models play out the weather over the next couple of weeks.

The main storm track looks to remain well north of us, with the large lows coming in off the Pacific tracking across the northern Prairies or southern territories. This storm track is much farther north than what we usually see at this time of year. What’s typical for this time of the year is strong areas of low pressure developing off the coasts of B.C. and Alaska — and we see that happening this year. These lows usually break up and send pieces of energy eastward as they move over the western mountains.

As the lows track eastward, warm air is pulled up ahead of them and cold air then slides in behind the lows as they pass by. With the track of these lows forecast to stay to our north, we’ll continue to see brief warm-ups ahead of each low, then brief cool-downs behind each low. The first area of low pressure tracked by to our north early this week and a second low is expected to move by later this week. This second low doesn’t look like it will have a big push of warm air ahead of it, but we will see some cooler air move in behind it.

To start off next week, the models show a large area of low pressure moving in off of the Pacific, once again tracking by well to our north. This system looks as if it will pull up plenty of mild air ahead of it, with highs for early next week expected to be near the top end of the usual temperature range for this time of year. A cold front behind this system may bring the chance for some precipitation later next week.

Usual temperature range for this period: Highs, -6 to 5 C; lows, -15 to -3 C. Probability of precipitation falling as snow: 90 per cent.



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