Issued: Monday, November 17, 2008 Covering: November 19 –November 26

The weather page is prepared by Daniel Bezte. Dan has a BA Honours degree in geography, specializing in climatology, from the U of W. He has taught climate and weather classes at the U of W, and is a guest climate expert on CJOB’s morning show with Larry Updike. Daniel runs a computerized weather station on his 10 acres near Birds Hill Park, which he plans to develop into a small vegetable and fruit hobby farm.

Daniel welcomes questions and comments at [email protected]

Last week’s Alberta clipper proved to be a little weaker than expected and it also took a much more northerly path than anticipated. The end result was more rain and freezing drizzle than snow and the heaviest amounts ended up falling well to our north. This change in the path of this system seems to have signalled a slight shift in our overall weather pattern.

What looked to be shaping up as a snowy month now looks a little drier, as the main storm path seems to be either well to our north or south. Fairly persistent troughs of low pressure to our west and east are keeping most of our region under an upper ridge of high pressure. This ridge is forecast to build and weaken several times during the next week or two, as storm systems move in off the Pacific.

Each time a storm system comes ashore on the Pacific coast, the ridge of high pressure is squeezed eastward and builds overtop of us. This will bring us more sun than clouds and moderating temperatures. Then, as the western low pushes eastward, we will see an increase in clouds with the occasional chance for some light snow. Once the low passes by, cold air will push in for a day or two before the next system comes ashore and the process starts all over.

The first weak low is expected to push through on Wednesday and then a slightly stronger one is expected over the weekend. Overall temperatures look to remain on the mild side with only the occasional cold night expected.

Usual temperature range for this period: Highs: -11 to 2C. Lows: -22 to -6C.

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Daniel Bezte is a teacher by profession with a BA (Hon.) in geography, specializing in climatology, from the U of W. He operates a computerized weather station near Birds Hill Park.



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