Issued: Monday, June 22, 2009 Covering: June 24 –July 1

We all knew that summer would eventually get here, but I don’t think anyone would have guessed that she would make such a grand entrance! Looking ahead to the next seven to 10 days, it looks like the early summer heat wave will be sticking around.

Sunshine and hot weather will dominate the forecast region right through until Thursday of this week. Friday could be a little dicey, as a trough of low pressure cuts through the province. The exact timing and intensity of this system is a little up in the air right now. The weather models currently have the system affecting western areas early on Friday and eastern areas later in the day. With the heat and the humidity we should expect a good batch of thunderstorms on Friday. Who sees the heaviest storms will depend on where the system is late in the afternoon.

Once this system pushes out, it we will be back into the sunshine and warm temperatures over the weekend, with highs once again near the top end of the usual temperature range for this time of the year.

For the first half of next week, the area of low pressure that came through our region on Friday will come back a second time as it sits and spins over the northern Prairies. As it does a little bit of a loop, northern sections will likely see some showers while southern areas will have a mix of sun and clouds. This low will finally pull off to the east, allowing Pacific high pressure to build in. This high will bring some cooler air to start, with highs dropping down to the low 20s. As the week moves on, temperatures will continue to warm up and by late in the week it looks like we will be back into the heat.

Usual temperature range for this period: Highs: 20 to 30C. Lows: 8 to 17C.

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Daniel Bezte

Daniel Bezte is a teacher by profession with a BA (Hon.) in geography, specializing in climatology, from the U of W. He operates a computerized weather station near Birds Hill Park.



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