Forecast – for Sep. 16, 2010

Acouple of things look to be fairly certain during this forecast period. The first is that we will likely continue to see temperatures near the low end of the usual temperature range for this time of the year. Secondly, there appears to be a very strong chance that a large portion of agricultural Manitoba will see frost sometime over the next seven days.

It appears we’ll be stuck in a rather cool pattern for the next week or so, but it doesn’t look like we will see any significant rains, at least over southern region. By Wednesday, high pressure will build over Alaska and the Yukon and this area of high pressure is forecast to slide southeastward over the second half of this week. At the same time, the parade of lows that brought rain to our region during the first half of September will continue. The big question for this part of the forecast period is whether the region of high pressure pushing in from the northwest will move in quick enough to keep most of the clouds and rain out of the region.

A strong low is forecast to move through northern regions around Friday bringing a good chance of rain to that region. If the region of high pressure can then clear things out, it looks like there will be a fairly good chance of seeing frost any morning between Friday and Sunday. Daytime highs should make it into the mid-to upper teens, but again, only if the skies remain sunny. If it remains cloudy, daytime highs will struggle to make it to the mid-teens.

This pattern of struggles between northern areas of high pressure and southern areas of low pressure looks as though it will continue into next week. The models show southern lows winning out, which means we may see a continuation of unsettled weather.

Usual temperature range for this period: Highs:13 C to 24 C.Lows:2 C to 10 C.

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Daniel Bezte

Daniel Bezte is a teacher by profession with a BA (Hon.) in geography, specializing in climatology, from the U of W. He operates a computerized weather station near Birds Hill Park.



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