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Forecast – for Mar. 10, 2011

For once it seems that the weather worked out almost perfectly for us, at least considering what it could have been. At this time last week it was looking like we would be in the late-winter/early-spring deep-freeze. Last week it looked like cold arctic air would dominate our region keeping us cold and dry. Luckily for us, things didn’t pan out exactly like the weather models thought. The cold high pressure didn’t move in as strongly as anticipated, which meant milder temperatures, but it was still strong enough to keep nearly all of the snow well to our south.

During this forecast period we have to keep our eyes on the southern storm track as we move into late winter and early spring. This time of the year is when we typically see our biggest snowstorms. Currently, the models are showing a system pushing in from the west on Friday, but with each model run this system has been weaker and farther south. We’ll probably see some light snow from this system, but amounts should be less than five cm. Once this system pushes by, we’ll see cold air push in as high pressure builds to our south. This will make for a fairly cold weekend with temperatures running near the low end of the usual temperature range for this time of the year.

Overall, it looks like the pattern will remain fairly active over the next couple of weeks, with areas of low pressure continuing to push in from the Pacific and cold arctic air remaining in place to our northwest. The big question is whether we will continue to dodge the storms or whether our luck will eventually run out.

Highs: –11 to +2 CLows:-25 to -8 C



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