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Forecast calls for more snow – no surprise

Last week’s brief warm-up came on cue, but the area of low pressure responsible for the warm-up was much stronger than originally forecast. As a result, we saw much more snow than anticipated. At one point there was continuous snow falling in a band that stretched all the way from Calgary to Kenora. This stronger low influenced the movement of the arctic high that built in behind the system. Instead of taking the forecast westerly route, the high was pulled farther east, resulting in more bone-chilling temperatures for us.

For this forecast period it looks like we’ll finally see a break in the cold temperatures. By Wednesday or Thursday the area of arctic high pressure will have moved off to the east, which will place us into a westerly to southwesterly flow. This will help push the cold air out and bring in milder Pacific air. Daily highs will begin to moderate on Wednesday, and by the weekend we should see highs between -6 and -10 C.

Embedded in the westerly flow will be several weak, fast-moving systems that will bring some clouds along with some flurries every couple of days. The first of these systems is expected to track through on Thursday, with another one on Saturday, and then again on Sunday.

The weather models for next week show a bit of a return to a more northwesterly flow as a weak arctic high builds in. This will drop our temperatures a little bit, but at this point it doesn’t look like we’ll see a return to the brutal cold we saw at the beginning of the month. In fact, looking further ahead, the models show temperatures warming up to near the 0 C mark by the following weekend.

Usual temperature range for this period: Highs, -23 to -6 C; lows, -33 to -14 C.



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