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Four steps to managing herbicides


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Cutting herbicide resistance risks comes down to managing herbicides, in part. Here are four tips for doing that better, courtesy of Kate Sanford Mitchell, who manages Bayer CropScience’s herbicide and insecticide portfolios for oilseeds.

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1. Match herbicides

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Got a difficult weed you need to control? Make sure to match the proper herbicide to the weed you're trying to eliminate for optimum effectiveness.

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2. Use multiple effective herbicides

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Using multiple effective herbicides in the tank is one of the most effective things you can do, says Sanford Mitchell. While it’s not possible on every crop, Sanford Mitchell recommends looking for chances to tank mix, whether it’s a pre-burn or in-crop application. 

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3. Rotate herbicide groups

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Rotate your herbicide groups, not just brands. Visit to find out which groups the brands you’re using fit into.

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4. Maximize herbicide performance

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Always use methods that maximize a herbicide's performance. Sanford Mitchell listed several practices, including:

- Spray during the day.

- Use the proper adjuvants.

- Use the best tank mixes.

- Use the correct nozzles.

- Spray at appropriate speeds.

- Use label rates.

- Apply during appropriate weather conditions.

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