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This great horned owl was at the festival last year.

2018 declared the Year of the Bird

A good way to celebrate is by attending La Rivière’s Raptor Festival

This year has been declared the Year of the Bird. National Geographic, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and over 100 other organizations have announced this as a way to mark the centennial of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. This bird-protection law was passed 100 years ago, and the centennial is an occasion to recommit to

What will your choice be for Canada’s national bird?

Time to choose a national bird

Canada doesn't have one yet but plans are underway so get your vote in

Canada does not yet have a national bird — yet. There’s the beaver, the national animal; the maple, the national tree; and the Canadian horse, the national horse. But a national bird? Nothing has been designated. However, there are plans underway to remedy this, and you can take part in choosing what bird is selected.

Mealworms are seen for sale at Gambela Market in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, July 14, 2015.   photo:

Insect farming gains ground in fight against hunger

A kg of crickets sells for twice the price of beef in the Kinshasa market

There is no shortage of protein in Kinshasa’s Gambela Market, from cows to antelope and snakes. But it is the blue and silver bowls brimming with twitching crickets, termites and slithering mealworms that do the briskest trade. Experts hope that the love of edible insects in Democratic Republic of Congo may hold the key to

Len Epp stands with bison about to be exported to the United States.

Bison demand is growing. Producer numbers? Not so much

Surprisingly agile, bison require the right equipment and tough fencing to be handled safely

Turn down Road 88 North in Manitoba’s Interlake and you can still see the “Gunton Bull Test Station” sign. But don’t expect to see any cattle. “I’m kinda glad they left the old sign up,” said Len Epp. “It’s nice to have the history, even if it’s all bison now.” The co-owner of the Rockwood

Traps to monitor adult moths of bertha armyworm are currently only at levels suggesting low risk of damage.

Manitoba crop insect and disease update

Conditions as of July 14, 2015

Some localized higher populations of armyworms and grasshoppers are present. So scouting is encouraged, although in many cases populations are noticeable but not economical. Armyworms continue to be found in many cereal fields. In many fields they are noticeable but not economical, however some fields have had levels greater than the 4 or more larvae/ft2

Researchers believe wild boars are more prevalent than many people realize.

Tracking the elusive but destructive wild boar

The highly reclusive wild boar may be responsible for much more 
crop damage than previously thought

Ruth Kost has never seen a wild boar before but she’s hoping that will change after a summer spent tracking the elusive beast. “They don’t like to show themselves,” said the University of Saskatchewan master’s student. “They are kind of reclusive, they avoid people… and they’re very aware of hunting pressures.” But just because you

Brandon-area farmer, Brett McRae recently began trialling an intensive grazing plan.

Cattle producers implement new grazing options

Using forage to finish cattle takes a strong focus on everything from cattle genetics to forage quality

Ryan Boyd would rather be searching for newborn calves in waist-high grass than snowdrifts. The western Manitoba grain and cattle farmer has joined the ranks of producers changing things up on the cattle side of their operations in search of lower operating costs and better environmental stewardship. He’s found that producing forage-finished cattle requires a

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada is working to develop a commercially available precision feeder.

Precision feeder for swine under development

Developers estimate that producers will be able to raise the same quality of carcass with 10 to 15 per cent less feed cost

Technology that will enable swine producers to cater to the specific feeding need of each individual pig will be moving into commercial trials early next year. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s (AAFC) dairy and swine research and development centre has been working towards the commercial development of a computerized precision feeder that will allow producers to

Rich Vesta

Editorial: Beef production and the view from Alberta

The view is different out here — and it’s not just the scenery. Granted, Co-operator staff had the rare opportunity last week to visit with ranchers in and around Calgary that were specifically selected by their colleagues at Alberta Farmer Express specifically because they do things a little differently. Nevertheless, it was an eye-opener listening

pig on a fundraising website

Public rallies around loose sow

Within hours the sow had been named and a rescue fundraiser started

Pigs were in the Winnipeg headlines last week over the fate of a sow that had fallen off a livestock truck and was found roaming near Winnipeg’s south perimeter. Manitoba Pork says staff, representatives from the Office of the Chief Veterinarian of Manitoba, and the Winnipeg Police Service contained the animal and loaded it onto