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Pam Bailey and Rauri Qually on their grain farm in Dacotah, near Winnipeg. “Before you want to complain about something, you better be willing to volunteer,” says Pam.

Volunteerism keeps loneliness at bay for young farm couple

Pam Bailey and Rauri Qually maintain a century-old farm near Dacotah, and say they do it because they love it, not because it’s easy

For Rauri Qually and Pam Bailey, a young farm couple, getting involved in commodity and agriculture boards is a way to protect what they love — and a way to cope with the solitary farm lifestyle. “It’s lonely here. I don’t know how my dad did this all by himself,” Rauri told the Manitoba Co-operator

“I would love to see this farm continue on into the future, into the next generation. I would say that’s my goal.” – Fiona Jochum

Young Manitoba farmer right where she wants to be — working beside her dad on the family farm

‘The goal is to farm,' says Fiona Jochum, who farms near St. Francois Xavier

Fiona Jochum has the weight of her first crop on her shoulders, and thus far it’s been a doozy. Flea beetles, cutworms and dry conditions have hampered growth in her fields, but Fiona, 25, doesn’t let it get her down. “Even though these things stress me out, I still love it. I still want to

Delegates to the Keystone Agricultural Producers annual general meeting and participating in the Young Farmer’s program had an opportunity to talk in groups about the questions the Becoming A Young Farmer research is posing.

Young farmer research shared with KAP delegates

The Becoming a Young Farmer study began in 2017 asking new entrants about how the next generation sees agriculture

Manitoba stood out in 2016 census data for having the largest proportion of those younger farm operators, as well as the youngest population of farm operators in Canada outside Quebec. But these young agriculturalists now farm a landscape more thinly populated than one their grandparents and even parents experienced. During the 1980s and 1990s, when

Land use policies challenge new farmers

New farmers face many challenges as they attempt to get established in the business of farming. Last week we examined the issues of farm size and financial risk from the perspective of starting farmers. This week we will look at land use policy relating to new farmers. This issue was brought to our attention by

4-H logos

4-H Canada unveils new clover logo

Changes to logo reflect the evolution of 4-H programming, say 4-H officials

The iconic four-leaf clover that has symbolized 4-H for 50 years in Canada now sports a maple leaf in the centre. The new logo for the Canadian 4-H program unveiled this month marks a “progressive new era,” 4-H Canada executive director Shannon Benner said. It is part of a larger effort updating the youth development