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Savour the flavour of eating right

Savour the flavour of eating right

Prairie Fare: Mediterranean Stew

When I opened the front door of our home one day, my nose detected a wonderful aroma. I knew my husband had a food preparation “project” in progress and our family would be the delighted recipients. He had made homemade pastrami. The pro­cess involved brining the beef, applying a rub, smoking it on the grill

Manitobans invited to farm dinner with 3F theme – Farm, Fish & Forage

DIY Homesteader Festival includes contestant from Top Chef Canada

You can fight with the weeds in your garden or you can invite one of Canada’s top chefs to cook with them. That’s the perspective of DIY Homesteader Festival organizers who are capping this year’s festival on June 6 with a unique farm-to-table event featuring the best our farms, fishermen and foragers have to offer.

banana bread

Banana and bran recipes with appeal

Prairie Fare: Banana Bran Muffins and Mix-and-Bake Banana Walnut Streusel

I noticed a very ripe banana on the dresser. I had not put a banana on my dresser, but I got the hint. “I could smell that banana from the hallway,” my husband said. I had been unpacking my suitcase after a trip out of state, and I had not unpacked the conference bag we

man making bread

Beer from bread that never became a sandwich

A Brussels brewery is making beer out of stale bread to reduce waste

A small Brussels-based brewery has embarked on a project to make beer from leftover bread, harking back to antiquity, when bread, rather than barley, was the main ingredient. The idea for brewing with bread came when 31-year-old Frenchman Sebastien Morvan talked to a friend about food waste, specifically the bread thrown away because supermarkets, eager

No pressed apple juice this year

No pressed apple juice this year

Jean-Guy Cote says his family still deciding whether to rebuild after April 22 fire destroyed their apple press at Landmark

A fire that destroyed Manitoba’s only government-permitted apple press this spring means customers with bags of backyard apples will be hard pressed to find anywhere to process them later this summer. Apple Junction, owned by John Boy Farms at Landmark, along with Mom’s Country Pantry at the same site burned to the ground April 22

Recipe Swap: Savour the flavour

Bread-making demo delights visitors in Dauphin I’ve checked my calendar more than once this spring for when Easter arrives. It’s earlier this year — March 31 — but outside there’s no indication that green grass, daffodils and the other delights of spring will be arriving any time soon. Nevertheless, preparation of the foods of Easter

The Jacksons

“It’s like living in Narnia!” Brady Jackson stomped the snow off of his boots in the entry of the Jackson’s house, and then reached out to help his wife, Amanda, out of her coat. “This winter is just endless!” “It’s worse than Narnia,” said Andrew from his seat at the dining room table. “It may

Egypt bakers threaten strikes to protest missed payments

Reuters / Egyptian bakers are threatening strike action unless the government meets demands including back payment of financial incentives, raising the prospect of fresh unrest in the crisis-ridden north African country. Abdullah Ghorab, head of the bakers’ association which represents 25,000 private bakeries across the country, said imminent strike action has been postponed following a