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Lynne and John Hogg welcome customers at C & J Wood Works.

Shoal Lake woodworking business going strong for nine years

C & J Wood Works can create something new, refinish something old, or do some repair work

It’s been nine years since John and Lynne Hogg set up a woodworking business in Shoal Lake, and while many things remain the same, there have been some interesting changes along the way. Although the mainstay of C & J Wood Works has been just that — whether it’s creating something new, refinishing a treasure

Elias Wipf with some intarsia pieces created by him and his students.

Teaching the art of intarsia

Decker Colony teacher shares woodworking passion with this mosaic wood art

Elias Wipf, a member of the Decker Colony and teacher at the school, has always been fascinated by the natural appearance of wood. This led him to the perfect hands-on craft — intarsia wood art — a mosaic of different types of lumber. “All of the different pieces of wood have their natural colours and

Lundar School carpentry teacher Donald Nikkel (l) oversees the school's Industrial Arts home-building project giving students like 16-year-old Cauy Kinkead valuable training and skills.

Lundar School students build for the future — and help others

The school will auction off a finished RTM built by the students as 
part of their Industrial Arts program integrating home building in their studies

Lots of students haven’t nailed down what they plan to do after high school but 16-year-old Cauy Kinkead definitely has. He plans to become a journeyman carpenter, and he credits his school’s unique Industrial Arts program, with its emphasis on home construction, for piquing his interest in a trade. The Grade 10 student at Lundar

Create a floor mat as well as a fun and useful hall tree.

Do-it-yourself projects for the home

Around the House: Read on for a couple of how-to ideas to get you started

Here’s two projects to brighten up your home: FLOOR MAT Create works of art for your floor with a canvas drop sheet and paint. Materials: One 5×12-foot canvas drop sheet No-Sew Glue Painter’s tape Beauti-Tone Designer Series Paint in chosen colours Beauti-Tone Designer Series Silk in a clear untinted base Instructions: Cut the size of

Overdrying canola can be a costly mistake

Air can dry grain, or it can make it wetter. That’s because grain automatically reaches equilibrium with the ambient relative humidity as it is drawn into the bin via fans. Theoretically, this fact could be used to boost profits by adding tonnage via moisture content until the grain reaches the optimum nine to 10 per

Tackboard push-pins

Our neighbour is an avid gardener who spends the winter making plans for her garden. To keep track of the best choices, she tacks up seed packets on a garden room tackboard. These push-pins for her tackboard will add a clever and appealing touch. I plan to give them to her in an attractive old

Construct A Pen For Small Animals

I constructed a cage for our granddaughter’s guinea pigs and found it to be an easy and inexpensive project as many of the materials had been recycled. With four unused window screens (16-1/2×26 inches), some one-inch chicken wire, 1×4 boards, a few staples and wood screws, I created a 67x28x25-inch cage. Building instructions are easy

Quick Decorating Projects

Sm a l l project s can have a big impact on your décor. With our busy lives we don’t always have time for a huge redecorat ing commi tment so we get overwhelmed and don’t do anything at all. If you’re at the point where your room needs help but you can’t make a

Proposed Changes For Moisture Shrink Allowance

The Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) is ending the 1.1 per cent “rebound factor” licensed primary elevators are now allowed to use to calculate the moisture shrinkage deducted from farmers on grain the elevators have dried. The CGC will continue to regulate how moisture shrinkage is calculated. The 1.1 per cent will be replaced with a

Wet Stored Grain Will Deteriorate Rapidly In Spring

The storability of grain depends on grain quality, moisture content and temperature. Grain moisture content must decrease as grain temperature increases to store grain safely, says Ken Hellevang, North Dakota State University Extension Service grain-drying expert. The allowable storage time for 22 per cent moisture corn is about 190 days at 1C (30F), 60 days