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Forecast probability of above-normal precipitation for the period from December 2020 through February 2021. (Environment Canada)

Seasonal forecast calls for more snow

MarketsFarm — Most of Canada should see above-normal snowfall over the next three months, according to updated seasonal forecasts released Monday from Environment Canada. Weather maps show a 40 to 60 per cent probability of more precipitation than normal across much of the country from December through February, with the heaviest accumulations expected in Quebec.

If we consider the probability of getting a snowfall of 30 cm or more in one day, we’d find that kind of event only actually occurs once every 30 years or so.

When should we expect winter to start?

If winter as we know it begins before or after these dates, call it an unusual year

Every year around this time I get a lot of questions asking when we should expect the first snowfall or when I expect that winter will begin. So, while this article was supposed to continue our look at atmospheric oscillations — and in particular, jet streams — I felt we could afford to take a

(Photo courtesy Canada Beef Inc.)

Feed weekly outlook: Feedlots booking for winter underpin bids

MarketsFarm — Feed grain prices have been strong following Western Canada’s harvest, as feedlots ensure they’re covered heading into the winter. “Last week there was some buying in the deferred months, from January onward,” Allen Pirness of Market Place Commodities at Lacombe, Alta. said. Pirness said the strong prices were unexpected, noting that when prices

Sea surface temperature (SST) anomalies over the southern Pacific for the week centred on Sept, 30, 2020. (

La Nina to bring colder, drier winter

MarketsFarm — There’s a La Nina poised to exert influence on the coming North American winter, according to Drew Lerner, senior agricultural meteorologist for World Weather Inc. in Kansas. A La Nina generates colder-than-normal temperatures, as opposed to the warm temperatures garnered from an El Nino. Both weather phenomenon can be found over the Pacific

The CanSIPS weather model calls for a cool and dry September followed by a warmer-than-average October through January.

And now, the early-winter outlook

The two almanacs’ forecasts for Manitoba’s August were closest to the mark

Climatological fall began on Sept. 1 and almost to the day, that is when our string of almost three months of above-average temperatures came to an end across Manitoba. So, as we head into fall, the questions are: 1) Just how nice was this past summer? and 2) What kind of weather should we expect

Chickpeas in India. (Nikhil Patil/iStock/Getty Images)

Pulse weekly outlook: Conditions optimal for India’s winter crops

MarketsFarm — Cold weather in key growing regions of India could indicate high production levels for winter pulse crops. Heavy showers and colder temperatures in Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh created “ideal conditions” for winter-sown pulses, according to India’s agriculture commissioner SK Malhotra. Malhotra explained that the output of the winter-grown pulse crops will likely

Blue jays are especially fond of peanuts in the shell.

Feed your feathered friends this winter

Put out a bird feeding station this winter to attract those hardy enough to weather our winters

Cold weather has arrived, and most of our birds have migrated south, but the hardy ones are still around. A dozen or so species remain, and a feeding station kept regularly supplied will attract them to your backyard or deck for your viewing enjoyment, if you place the feeders where you can watch them easily.

Cool, wet fall, warm, wet winter?

Cool, wet fall, warm, wet winter?

The computer models predict near- to above-average temperatures in December

As fall comes to an end across the Prairies some locations have already seen winter come and stay, while other regions are still waiting for winter snowpack to develop. Once again it is bad timing for writing the monthly weather summary as there are still a couple of days left in November. Normally, I can

As winter bites the scope of the feed shortage — and the size of the cull — is coming into focus.

Livestock feed crisis kicks off

Farmers are getting a sense of exactly how much trouble they’re in now that the winter is closing in

The province hopes to revamp forage insurance, but an update to future insurance will not help producers face down their current crisis, Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development Minister Blaine Pedersen acknowledged. Feed trucks have become a common sight as producers scramble to overwinter cattle, Ste. Rose du Lac Mayor Robert Brunel said. Brunel says it