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Germany finds more African swine fever in wild boar, cases reach 480

The number of African swine fever (ASF) cases found in wild boar in Germany has now reached 480, Germany’s Agriculture Ministry said on January 8, continuing an outbreak of the disease among wild animals which halted German pork exports to Asia. The cases have occurred since the first outbreak in September 2020 and were in

File photo of domestic hogs on a German farm.

Germany finds two more African swine fever cases in wild boar

Two more cases of African swine fever (ASF) have been confirmed in wild boars in the eastern German state of Brandenburg, Germany’s federal agriculture ministry said Oct. 1. The new discoveries bring the total number of confirmed cases to 40 since the first one discovered in September. All were in wild animals with no farm

File photo of domestic hogs on a German farm.

Germany reports first suspected case of African swine fever

German producers currently exporting pork to China

Berlin | Reuters — Germany’s ministry of food and agriculture said on Wednesday it had a suspected case of African swine fever (ASF) in a wild boar in the eastern state of Brandenburg. The suspected case concerned a wild boar carcass found near the German-Polish border. A sample of the carcass was being taken for

Getting the jump on wild boar in Manitoba

Cost data out of the U.S. suggests we don’t want to be behind the 8-ball on wild pigs

Brooke Rossnagel of MacGregor has some inkling of the damage wild pigs can cause; he clearly remembers the aftermath after only a few found their way into his pasture a few years ago. “It looked like somebody took a plow to one of the hillsides,” he said, marvelling at the amount of damage given the

A wild boar wallows in the mud.

PHOTOS: Wild pigs on the loose

How many wild pigs are roaming agro-Manitoba? Nobody knows the answer to that question, and that’s going to be a problem for the province. Ryan Brook, a professor at the University of Saskatchewan who was educated at the University of Manitoba has the best handle, and even he admits his numbers are far from certain.

Editorial: Wild things roaming

A few years back, an acquaintance returned to school at mid-career and studied natural resource management. He was lucky enough to land a job with the province that first summer, checking boats at a stop on the Trans-Canada Highway at the Manitoba-Ontario border, to prevent the spread of zebra mussels. I mentioned that this sounded

Swine genetics company Topigs Norsvin cut the ribbon on its $15-million Delta Canada facility in Woodlands, Man., June 27.

Manitoba cuts the ribbon on blueblood boar genetics

Pork genetics company Topigs Norsvin has officially opened its doors in Manitoba

Manitoba’s hog sector is adding to its pedigree. Global swine genetics company Topigs Norsvin has officially opened the doors to Delta Canada, a boar genetics and research facility located northwest of Winnipeg near Woodlands. The company, which markets itself as the second-largest swine genetic company globally, opened the $15-million facility June 27 and aims to

Researchers believe wild boars are more prevalent than many people realize.

Tracking the elusive but destructive wild boar

The highly reclusive wild boar may be responsible for much more 
crop damage than previously thought

Ruth Kost has never seen a wild boar before but she’s hoping that will change after a summer spent tracking the elusive beast. “They don’t like to show themselves,” said the University of Saskatchewan master’s student. “They are kind of reclusive, they avoid people… and they’re very aware of hunting pressures.” But just because you

Live video alerts users that there are animals in the BoarBuster, which can then be triggered remotely by smartphone.

Catching wild hogs by smartphone

Non-profit foundation teams with livestock company to produce drop-down system

A U.S. research foundation has announced commercialization of a trap designed to capture feral hogs, which it says cost $1.5 billion in losses in 48 U.S. states. The Noble Foundation, based in Ardmore, Oklahoma along with W-W Livestock Systems of Thomas, Okla. unveiled the BoarBuster trap at the recent National Wild Turkey Federation Convention and