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Livestock price insurance a hard sell

Producers say it’s too expensive, too complex and lacks the supports seen in the crops sector

Despite current market uncertainty, cattle producers remain reluctant to buy price insurance. About 10 per cent of calves in Manitoba are insured annually under the Western Livestock Price Insurance Program (WLPIP), said David Van Deynze, vice-president of innovation and product support with MASC. By comparison, about 90 per cent of annual crop acres are insured. WLPIP began in Alberta in 2009 and came to

Livestock Insurance Program goes offline

The Western Livestock Insurance Program makes adjustments to be more user friendly to those without Internet access

Manitoba livestock producers are getting new offline options to sign up for price insurance coverage. Until recently the only way to buy a Western Livestock Price Insurance Program (WLPIP) policy was to go on the Internet, activate an account through an online portal and buy a policy online, paying with a credit card. Now that’s

Province lifts limitation on pasture insurance

The pasture insurance pilot program that was limited to
 90 producers last year is now open to the entire province

Producers who graze their cattle have a new option for protecting themselves from underperforming pastures. Ron Kostyshyn, minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development, announced January 19 that the province has lifted limitations on the pasture days insurance program. The program is designed to compensate producers who have had to remove livestock from pasture and