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Forecast: Cold with only slight chances of snow

Covering the period from January 15 to January 22, 2019

Well, last week’s forecast played out not too badly. We saw an Alberta clipper come through late last Wednesday and into Thursday and it ended up dropping a bit more snow than originally expected. While the cold air moved in over the weekend, as forecast, it ended up being pretty much right at the temperatures

Forecast: Colder and more active weather pattern developing

Covering the period from January 8 to January 15, 2019

It has been awhile since I last wrote a forecast. Back in the middle of December the medium- to long-range weather models were calling for milder weather during the second half of December and it turned out they were right. So now the big question is, what are these weather models calling for over the

Year in review: How did 2019’s weather measure up?

The short answer is that the year just past was cooler and drier than average

As we pass the end of another calendar year, it is time to take a look back at the past year’s weather to see how everything added up. Before I zoom into Manitoba, let’s take a quick look at the global picture. November’s global temperature numbers have just been released and three of the five

Forecast: Milder weather with a chance for snow

Covering the period from December 16 to December 25, 2019

As is fairly typical when we are in a pattern dominated by arctic high pressure, the timing of the system for last week’s forecast was off by a little bit. We definitely saw high pressure and cold air build in during the first half of last week’s forecast, but the Pacific low came in a

Forecast: Typical mid-December weather

Covering the period from December 9 to December 18, 2019

Last week’s forecast got the big weather picture not too badly, but it was off on the timing. The cold air took a little longer than forecast to move in and ended up being a little colder than expected. As often is the case, when the general movement of weather systems slows down, we often

Forecast: Quiet weather pattern redevelops

Covering the period from December 4 to December 13, 2019

Once again, the weather models did a pretty good job with the medium-range forecast. They predicted last weekend’s storm system that kept most of the precipitation south of our region. For this forecast period, it looks like the overall weather pattern across central North America will quiet down a little bit, with no big storm

Forecast: Here’s a weather system to keep an eye on

Covering the period from November 25 to December 4, 2019

It’s been another solid week for the weather models as they were pretty spot on with the forecast, only being a day off on the two to five centimetres of snow that fell last Wednesday. For this forecast period, the weather models are starting to show some signs of our weather pattern becoming a little

Forecast: Dry and relatively mild weather ahead

Covering the period from November 18 to November 27, 2019

With the weather pattern becoming a little more stable, the weather models seem to be handling things a little better. Last week’s forecast was pretty darned good as we saw cold air to start off, with some areas dropping into the -20s C before milder air worked in later in the week. Even warmer air

Forecast: Cold weather start, then a warm up

Covering the period from November 14 to November 20, 2019

Last week’s forecast wasn’t as far off as it may have seemed. It’s always tough to make a forecast when you are dealing with strong highs and weak lows, as you never really know which one will win out and just how the timing will work out. This is what we saw with last week’s

Forecast: Cold with a few chances of light snow

Covering the period from November 4 to November 13, 2019

Normally I would begin the forecast with a quick review of the previous forecast, but since I messed up hitting my deadline last week you didn’t see my best forecast ever! Just kidding, but it was a pretty good forecast. Remember, it’s not really me doing much of the forecasting, I am simply analyzing the