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Forecast: Seasonable with a chance of snow

Forecast issued Nov. 13, 2020, covering the period from Nov. 18 to 25, 2020

Forecast issued Nov. 13, 2020, covering the period from Nov. 18 to 25, 2020

Due to a missed deadline last week (life got a little away from me) I can’t really discuss how good or bad the forecast was (it was really good, trust me). For this forecast period, overall confidence is not that high, which is not that unusual for this time of the year. As the atmosphere

Forecast: Mild start to week, then stormy?

Covering the period from October 29 to November 11

Last week’s forecast played out better than what meets the eye. We saw sunny to partly cloudy skies with high temperatures near the freezing mark before the weekend. Over the weekend, the low that was forecast to cut across the Dakotas ended up much farther north. This system tracked through central Manitoba instead, bringing clouds,

Forecast: Colder-than-average temperatures ahead

Covering the period from October 28 to November 4

The first part of the last issue’s forecast turned out pretty good, as the strong northwesterly flow established itself dropping temperatures into the bottom end of the usual temperature range for this time of the year. The models were holding firm about a big warm-up by the end of the month, but now it is looking like that warm-up will be not

Forecast: Cold with slight chance of snow

Covering the period from October 21 to October 28

Once again, the weather models did a pretty good job with the medium-range forecast. The northern Manitoba low stalled out as forecast, and we saw the resulting surge of cold air push southward, bringing an abrupt end to the seasonable fall temperatures. The only thing the weather models got wrong was that the daytime highs ended up being a little cooler

Forecast: Let’s ride the temperature rollercoaster

Covering the period from October 7 to October 14

Well, we definitely saw the cold northwesterly flow develop last week that allowed cool arctic air to drop southeastward, bringing the first good blast of fall weather. At least we did not see any snow, or at least I did not hear about any. The weather models did a good job calling for that cooldown,

Forecast: Manitoba sliding into fall weather

Covering the period from September 30 to October 7

Last week’s forecast was pretty spot on for the first half, but things started to fall apart over the last few days. To give the weather models some credit, they stuck to their forecast of warm weather during the first half of the week for a long time before a last-minute switch, thanks to weaker-than-expected

Forecast: Warm temps and a relatively dry spell ahead

Covering the period from September 23 to 30

Well, last week’s forecast was a little hit and miss. The cool high pressure that was forecast to be sitting to our north early in the forecast period dropped farther south than expected, bringing much cooler weather than expected. By the weekend, though, we did see the forecasted building ridge of high pressure that brought

Forecast: Warm and relatively dry weather ahead

Covering the period from September 16 to 23

Overall, last week’s forecast played out pretty close to what the weather models had predicted with the cold start and then sunny and mild conditions late last week and over the weekend. For this forecast period it looks like the cold air will be kept to our north, but as we slowly move deeper into

Forecast: Warmer weather returns

Covering the period from September 9 to 16

For last week’s forecast the weather models did a pretty darned good job. We definitely saw the cool-down and there were plenty of scattered showers, with central and eastern regions seeing a bit more compared to western regions. The big question is whether we will continue to see cooler-than-average conditions — or will we see