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Forecast: Spring weather is trying to move in

Covering the period from March 3 to March 10

Once again, the weather models did a pretty good job over the last seven to 10 days. I think I should point out that when I say “weather models,” I am referring to the fact that I look at the different models and combine each, sometimes using what one model predicts, other times ignoring one

Forecast: Milder, with a slight chance of snow

Covering the period from February 17 to March 3

The first part of last issue’s forecast played out fairly close to what the weather models were predicting, but by the second half, the weather and the weather models were not exactly agreeing with each other, as milder-than-expected air moved into our region, pushing temperatures to around the freezing mark. For this forecast period, the

Forecast: Cold snap slowly coming to an end

Covering the period from February 17 to February 24

The weather models did a heck of a job with last issue’s forecast as we saw the upper low drop southward into our region as predicted, bringing the sunny skies and cold, cold temperatures. Temperatures ended up being even colder than expected, but the light winds did materialize which made the cold temperatures a little

Forecast: Arctic air establishes itself

Covering the period from February 10 to February 17

Well, like most snow-producing systems so far this winter, the forecasted Colorado low never really developed last week. We did see a weak storm system move through last Thursday, bringing a light dumping of between five and eight cm of snow across a large portion of southern and central Manitoba. This storm system was then

Forecast: Cold weather pattern trying to re-establish itself

Covering the period from February 3 to February 10

The weather models got the basic pattern correct during the last forecast period, but some of the details were off and, as I have pointed out more than once, the devil is in the details. Cold air built in a little earlier than expected and pushed a little farther south, resulting in colder-than-forecasted temperatures. Luckily,

Forecast: Colder air keeps trying to move in

Covering the period from January 27 to February 3

Once again, the weather models did a pretty good job with the medium-range forecast. We saw a northern-Alberta low dive across our region in the middle of last week, bringing with it a little snow, definitely some wind, and in a few locations even a little rain. What was different with this quick-moving storm system

Forecast: More seasonable temperatures ahead?

Covering the period from January 20 to January 27

Last issue’s forecast started off on a good foot as it correctly forecasted the complex area of low pressure that brought rain, freezing rain and snow to a large portion of southern and central Manitoba last Wednesday and Thursday. It was also correct in that the low would not bring large amounts of snow. Where

Forecast: Colder, but not much snow expected

Covering the period from January 13 to January 20

It has been a while since my last weather forecast and, of course, I just happened to miss a period of nice, quiet and predictable weather. For this forecast period, it is increasingly looking as though we will see a switch in our weather pattern to one that will bring a return to more seasonable

Top weather stories of 2020

Heat was the recurring theme for the year, and it manifested itself in many ways

Hard to believe another year has come to an end, and for most of us 2020 will be one to remember, but not necessarily for the best reasons. To begin the new year, I usually take a detailed look back at the previous year and then our customary look ahead to see what the new

Forecast: Not much snow expected

Covering the period from December 23 to December 30

Usually by this time of the year we have settled into a predictable winter pattern. This year, winter has been struggling to take hold and as a result, the overall weather pattern is remaining fairly unpredictable. It looks like the weather for this holiday season is going to bounce around from above average to below