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Volunteers are the lifeblood of any show 
like Ag Days.

Ag Days fuelled by volunteers

The ‘all about ag’ focus of the show has translated into a lot of support

An event as large and as well regarded as Mani­toba Ag Days needs the support of many people behind the scenes to make it as special as can be. In the case of 2019 Manitoba Ag Days, a 100 per cent commitment to a 100 per cent agricultural show goes a long way with volunteers

Hans Rindlisbacher will be taking in his 41st Ag Days this year, where you’ll find him at the Manitoba Forage and Grassland Association booth.

Volunteers make Ag Days happen

Barely a wheel would turn at the Keystone Centre later this 
month without their efforts

Forty-one years ago, on a crisp and cold winter morning in 1977, Hans Rindlisbacher packed up his own handmade forage display and headed off to the Brandon Weed Fair. He did know he hoped to educate farmers in attendance on the different varieties of grass common to Manitoba. What he didn’t know was that this

Many communities have a variety of organizations that volunteers are involved with.

National Volunteer Week in April

Rural areas especially require a large number of volunteers to keep things happening

Are you one of the many Manitobans who volunteer — either with time, money or gifts in kind? The percentage of tax filers in Manitoba who make charitable donations is the highest per capita of all provinces, and has been so for many years. Many of us belong to a variety of non-profit organizations. In

Volunteers are what make Manitoba Ag Days tick

Dozens of volunteers are working tirelessly 
behind the scenes

An event as large and as well regarded as Manitoba Ag Days needs the support of many people behind the scenes to make it as special as can be. “No matter what the event is, big or small, there needs to be a core foundation of people to help make it successful,” says Jonothon Roskos,

Firefighters responding to more diverse calls than ever before

It was the kind of heavy-handed knock on the door no one wants to hear, that told Donna Stewart a forest fire was closing in on her home. “I was terrified,” said the 65-year-old retiree, one of more than a dozen people evacuated after fire threatened the community of Badger this May. “By the time

Top 10 ways to recruit and engage youth volunteers

Recruit them online. Today’s youth is wired, to the extreme. Post opportunities on your own website but change them frequently so your pages look fresh and appealing. Respond immediately to inquiries. Speak in a youthful way. Make your opportunities relevant to the interests and needs of young people. Young people like language that is quick,

Volunteer Together As A Family

If you already have a full schedule, it might be difficult to see how you can become a volunteer, even if you want to help solve community problems. But volunteering is something families often find worthwhile when they do it together. Family volunteering can be done by the whole family or by one parent and