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Vitavax and the head lice connection

Vitavax and the head lice connection

Our History: February 1987

Our February 1987 issues had several ads for Vitavax, but it and its manufacturer Uniroyal are now part of history. Vitavax was based on lindane, of which use was discontinued in Canada in 2004 except for the treatment of head lice. Our Feb. 5 issue reported that as a result of the continuing world grain

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Mulroney government axes entire CTC research staff

Our History: March 1987

This advertisement in our March 26, 1987 issue reminds that Lindane-based seed treatments such as Vitavax are no longer registered in Canada. In the news that week, the Mulroney government had axed the Canadian Transport Commission’s entire research staff. This followed slashing of 35 Agriculture Canada research positions the previous year. One analyst noted that