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The Rural Veterinary Task Force (RVTF) held three public consultations last week in Dauphin, Brandon and Stonewall. RVTF members, (l-r) Bertha Russell-Langan, Dr. Paul Schneider, and Merv Starzky.

Task force meets with public about rural vet services

Rural Veterinary Task Force members say there have been a number of industry changes impacting service demands since the previous system review in 2008

The Rural Veterinary Task Force (RVTF) held public consultations in Dauphin, Brandon and Stonewall last week as a part of an overall review of the provincial service. Task force members include Dr. Paul Schneider, Merv Starzky, and Bertha Russell-Langan. They have met virtually every aspect of the rural veterinary services system, including practising veterinarians, veterinary

Widespread antibiotic use reduced disease levels in herds but also sent resistance levels soaring.

Antimicrobial resistance in cattle means big changes coming

An alarming rise in resistance even has drug companies calling for producers to change their ways

Multi-drug resistance to disease-causing bacteria is quickly becoming a complete “game changer” that could cripple the cattle industry’s ability to manage common bovine diseases. “We are really slamming into the end of the antibiotic era,” said Dr. Trisha Dowling, a professor of veterinary pharmacology at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. “I’ve got 24 different

New Animal Diseases Emerge

Agrowing number of livestock, such as cows and pigs, are fuelling new animal epidemics worldwide and posing more severe problems in developing countries as it threatens their food security, according to a report released Feb. 11. Epidemics in recent years, such as SARS and the H1N1 swine flu, are estimated to have caused billions of

Saudi Arabia To Import More Wheat

Saudi Arabia plans to import around two million tonnes of wheat in 2011 like last year and will boost imports to three million tonnes after 2016 as it ends local production, a source at the grains authority said Feb. 2. The top OPEC oil exporter has emerged as a major wheat buyer to feed its

Coccidiosis In Piglets A Threat To Growth

Bernie Peet is president of Pork Chain Consulting Ltd. of Lacombe, Alberta, and editor of Western Hog Journal. His columns will run every second week in the Manitoba Co-operator. Coccidiosis in suckling piglets is a widespread problem in Canadian herds and causes scouring and reduced growth. The only effective treatment for this disease is Baycox,

Coccidiosis Treatment For Hogs – for Sep. 23, 2010

Adrug billed as the first federally-approved treatment for coccidiosis in hog herds in Canada is “on track” for release later this fall, Bayer Healthcare says in a release. The company’s animal health division says its toltrazuril product Baycox 5% now has a notice of compliance from Health Canada and will be available to veterinarians, and

Report urges more vets for rural Manitoba

“People say they’re 100 per cent behind the system we have. Just make it work.” – Neil Hathaway, Task Force Member A provincial task force recommends continuing Manitoba’s existing rural veterinary service districts but urges greater efforts to attract more qualified staff to them. That could include making it easier for immigrant veterinarians to practise