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Fruits and vegetables are typically the foods most lacking in diets and often wasted in kitchens.

Keep a cap on fruit and vegetable spoilage

Fresh produce is among the foods consumers waste the most

“This would be a good followup article,” my husband said with a grin. I pondered his suggestion as I grabbed a grocery cart. A while back, I wrote about a grocery shopping trip I took with our son. I was providing a “kitchen warming” gift for him after he moved into his own place. I

Canned fruits and vegetables can help boost their consumption and
the numbers prove that.

Can it

Canned goods can help you meet your daily fruit and vegetable requirements

We don’t need any more canned green beans,” my husband announced from the kitchen. I was sitting on the couch in the living room writing a grocery list for a holiday meal. I was wondering what had inspired his comment, so I walked into the kitchen. He had lined up 10 cans of green beans

If the entire world were to eat a healthy diet there simply wouldn’t be enough fruits and vegetables to go around.

A dietary mismatch

Agriculture produces plenty of food, but not necessarily the right types

If everyone on the planet wanted to eat a healthy diet, there wouldn’t be enough fruit and vegetables to go around. A team of researchers at the University of Guelph compared global agricultural production with nutritionists’ consumption recommendations and found a drastic mismatch. “We simply can’t all adopt a healthy diet under the current global

Kale leaves are usually heavily textured.

Growing your own kale

This veggie takes up little space and is packed with nutrition

Many consumers want to know where their food comes from, how it is grown/raised, and its nutritional value, so are growing their own vegetables. Even some urban gardeners with very small yards can achieve this by using containers or interspersing a few veggies among their flowers. One very suitable vegetable is kale, because it takes

Tomatoes are rich in nutrients and low in calories.

Tomato time

Enjoy your bountiful harvest — tomatoes are both tasty and nutritious

What does Jake have in his mouth?” my husband asked. I looked out the window to see the latest thing our dog had found. He was shaking something bright red. Oh, no! I hope he doesn’t have Carl the Cardinal, I thought to myself. A vividly coloured bird and his mate have been singing songs

Don’t think high tunnels are just for crops like tomatoes or cucumbers, says Marilyn Firth co-owner of Almost Urban Vegetables near Winnipeg, who uses theirs to grow root crops like beets too. The farm’s three tunnels, including one steel framed and two wood frame add at least three weeks to either end of the growing season.

The high tunnel advantage

St. Norbert small-scale vegetable producers tout the benefits of covering a portion of their crop

When Marilyn Firth and Bruce Berry bought 10 acres on the south edge of Winnipeg in 2007 they knew most vegetable farms that once ringed the city were gone. They also knew they’d be starting to farm at the age of most lifelong growers. But they were convinced more customers wanted food delivered across a

Fresh fruit and vegetables are healthy, but take precautions to avoid foodborne illness.

Staying safe with food

Food safety scares underline 
the need for proper food 
handling for fresh produce

A recent scare around romaine lettuce here in the U.S. (Canadian readers can rest assured they were unaffected, though the CFIA says it’s monitoring the situation) has many wondering just how safe those leafy greens really are. “Can I eat the romaine lettuce in my refrigerator?” one recent caller asked me. “No, we need to

Photo of gloved woman hand holding weed and tool removing it from soil

Gardening provides more than healthful food

It’s an undertaking that also provides stress relief and physical activity

She weeded the garden in her Sunday clothes without getting dirty,” my husband announced to some of our friends. They looked at me to see what I was wearing. I think they glanced to see whether I had the “telltale dirty knees” of a gardener. My clothes and knees were clean. Why was I gardening