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One grain on eroded land

No such thing as ‘unprecedented’ weather, delegates at ARBI conference told

Delegates with the Assiniboine River Basin Initiative (ARBI) met in Regina February 14 and 15

If 1930s seems like the worst drought we could ever have, scientific records show pre-settlement dry spells lasted far longer. Likewise, there were wet spells on the Prairies much more intense than events like 2011’s — a flood we tended to call “unprecedented.” Neither are unprecedented, say Saskatchewan scientists. Both extremes have occurred before on

Dr. Paul Dhillon is editor of a new book of stories written by 40 rural Canadian physicians. The book 
was launched this past spring and is published by University of Regina Press.

New book details the rewards and challenges of rural medicine

Both sad and lighthearted stories share the experience of what 
it’s really like to be a doctor practising somewhere in rural Canada

Doctors can’t talk about their work, but when they write about it, the stories they tell can make you laugh and cry — and see their profession in a whole new light. Dr. Paul Dhillon realized those stories weren’t being told after assuming his post as a family physician. He works for the Saskatchewan Medical

aeration fans at the base of grain bins

Is continuous aeration a waste of money, or worse?

Natural aeration might not use hot air in the bin, but it generated some at CropConnect

After years of studying the effects of natural aeration on wheat, barley and peas, Ron Palmer of the Indian Head Agricultural Research Foundation says that leaving fans running during the day isn’t just ineffective, it may actually damage the grain in your bin. “Not only are we spinning our fans for nothing, but it leaves

Bale grazing may require rethink, say researchers

Winter feeding cattle on pasture has long been pitched to ranchers as one of the best things they can do to help the environment and their own bottom line. But new research on the Pipestone Creek watershed in Saskatchewan shows that it may not be as green as earlier suggested. “It’s controversial only because you

The Three “R” S Of P

We’ve often heard of the three Rs– reading, writing and reckoning (a term related to mental math dating back to the Victorian era) whenever the subject of keeping the education on track arises. Or the three Rs of garbage– reduce, reuse and recycle. Right now, Manitoba is caught up in the three Rs of phosphorus

Stuck With The Blame

Manitoba pork producers are bristling over a provincial plan to protect a deteriorating Lake Winnipeg by clamping down on hog manure applications. Hog farmers say they feel the government is unfairly fingering them as offenders in endangering the health of the lake by polluting it with phosphorus. “It’s completely unfair to the industry to target

Ag Societies Make A Difference

When Chuck Puchailo was asked to run the light horse show for his Gilbert Plains/ Grandview agricultural society, he turned to his teenage daughter for some help. Chenise Puchailo was happy to lend her dad a hand. The show went well and buoyed by its success, she agreed to co-chair the event the following year.

New Book Takes Aim At Global Food Issues

The continuing exodus of rural peasants to urban centres is the result of “capitalist agriculture” and hampers the planet’s ability to feed itself, according to a new book published by the National Farmers Union. Rural depopulation is the legacy of Britain’s 18th century pursuit of mercantilist dominance of global trade which promoted urbanization as progress