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U.S. alarmed by strike on ship delivering wheat to Yemen

Washington | Reuters — The United States said on Friday it was “alarmed” by a Houthi missile strike on a Turkish vessel carrying wheat to Yemen this month and urged the Shi’ite group to work with the United Nations to alleviate Yemenis’ suffering. The Turkish-flagged Ince Inebolu bulk carrier was damaged by an explosion on

Southeast Asia a ‘hot spot’ for antibiotic abuse

An FAO official says there’s a need for both better education and greater enforcement

Overuse and misuse of antibiotics in food is rife in Southeast Asia, a Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) official said Jan. 31, warning of serious risks for people and animals as bacterial infections become more resistant to treatment. The official from the United Nations’ food agency issued the warning on the sidelines of an international

High-tech tracker to battle ancient wheat plague

Wheat rust early detection is critical and a surprising source is providing new hope

The tracking technology used to halt the deadly Ebola and Zika viruses could now be turned against wheat rust as scientists try new ways to stop the fungus devastating world grain crops. Wheat rusts are nothing new — ancient Romans honoured the rust god Robigus, hoping to protect their fields — but they are adapting

Editorial: Food solitudes

World Food Day on Oct. 16 shed light on some confusing twists around global food security. The annual UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) event dating back to 1945 now falls five days after another big day — World Obesity Day, established by the World Obesity Foundation in 2015 to highlight the growing epidemic expected

Multiple actions needed to address world hunger

Leaders in agriculture and science gathered in Winnipeg to discuss solutions towards feeding the world’s rising population

The number of hungry people in the world could drop dramatically in our lifetimes — but achieving that goal will require action on many fronts, the former head of the United Nations World Food Program told a conference in Winnipeg last month. By 2050 the Food and Agri­culture Organization (FAO) anticipates food production must rise

U.N. picks former U.S. governor to run World Food Programme

Reuters — United Nations chief Antonio Guterres has appointed former South Carolina Governor David Beasley to run the Rome-based World Food Programme (WFP), at a time when U.S. President Donald Trump has proposed slashing funding for the world body and its agencies. Beasley will replace another American, Etharin Cousin, who has been the WFP executive

A woman at work pounding millet in Ndiael, Senegal, December 9, 2016.

Women lead battle to save Senegal’s shrinking farmland

Female-led work is vital to rural communities in Senegal — now women are organizing 
to lead the fight against multinational agribusiness

The women of Thiamene, a tiny straw hut village in northern Senegal, used to scrape together a living by collecting wild baobab fruit and selling milk from their cows. But their earnings have plummeted since an Italian-Senegalese agribusiness, Senhuile, took over the surrounding land five years ago, blocking their paths to the local market and

The view of ruins that once formed the centre of the Roman Empire from the rooftop terrace of the UN FAO headquarters in Rome, Italy. The empire failed for many reasons, but declining health of its population was among them.

Radical transformation of food system needed

The focus of future investments in the food system must be on nutrition — not calories

From its offices overlooking centuries-old ruins of the fallen Roman Empire, the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is grappling with an issue many consider a threat to modern civilization. Global rates of malnutrition are growing at an unprecedented pace, despite progress that has been made reducing hunger and poverty. Sandwiched between the two extremes