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File photo of a container vessel being unloaded at a U.K. port. (Sterling750/iStock/Getty Images)

Trans-Pacific trade partners agree for U.K. to start joining process

Tokyo | Reuters — Member nations of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) on Wednesday officially agreed to allow the United Kingdom to start the process of joining the pact, Japan’s economy minister said. Japanese Economy Minister Yasutoshi Nishimura told reporters he welcomed the start of Britain’s joining process after hosting an

The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association says there are some gains into how Canada’s U.K. quota is administered, but pointed to a growing beef trade deficit.

Feds consult on future of U.K. trade

The U.K. continuity deal, a planned bilateral trade agreement and the U.K.’s entry into CPTPP are all on the agenda

The federal government wants to know what Canadians think of the United Kingdom joining its Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP). At the same time, it is also seeking opinions on entering a possible bilateral deal with the former European Union country. Canada’s trade with the U.K. is currently governed by the Canada-U.K. Trade Continuity Agreement

Two pandemics and Brexit leave U.K. pig sector in peril

Two pandemics and Brexit leave U.K. pig sector in peril

Reuters – For British pig farmers like Simon Watchorn, the start of 2021 has brought fresh problems after a pandemic-ridden 2020. British pork producers have seen their profits eroded by COVID-19 and an outbreak of deadly African swine fever (ASF) in Germany, and are now having also to deal with Brexit red tape that has

Lack of detail, slow ratification of U.K. trade deal raises concern

Lack of detail, slow ratification of U.K. trade deal raises concern

There’s a chance that Canada-U.K. trade could be hit with tariffs, critics say

Despite boasting of signing a transitional agreement, Canada may not have a trade deal ready with the United Kingdom by the time 2021 rolls around. Exporters could be forced to pay British tariffs if the deal isn’t ratified into law by the end of the year. Canada’s International Trade Minister Mary Ng has failed to

File photo of a river container terminal facility at Liverpool, England. (DavidCPhotography/iStock/Getty Images)

U.K. aims to join Trans-Pacific Partnership

London | Reuters –– The United Kingdom announced on Wednesday it would pursue accession to a revamped version of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. “Today we’re announcing our intent to pursue accession to CPTPP, one of the world’s largest free trading areas,” Trade Secretary Liz Truss said. The British government said joining CPTPP would help the U.K.

On January 31, Britain officially left the European Union.

Will it be business as usual after Brexit?

Britain’s EU departure might not mean much for Canadian farmers

Post-Brexit, the United Kingdom continues to suggest it will seek a stronger commercial relationship with Canada than it currently has under the Canada-European Union (EU) Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). Andy Barr, head of trade and economics at the British High Commission in Canada, is optimistic a better trade relationship between the two nations

Facing a cliff of seeing 86 per cent of their farms’ total profit vanishing upon leaving the European Union, why exactly did U.K. farmers heavily favour Brexit?

Comment: Brexit, Boris, and boxing in U.K. farmers

When U.K. farmers voted heavily for Brexit it was an act of either faith or foolishness

Events, like stars, can at times align just enough for you to glimpse your destiny. If you’re lucky, that sneak peek is the critical break you need for success; if you’re unlucky, the starry view spins off into the universe unseen. Farmers in the United Kingdom got that peek after the June 2016 vote that

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Editor’s Take: Canada at a crossroads

According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Canada remains either a leader or laggard in the realm of support for its agriculture sector, depending on how one approaches the problem. A free market idealist who favours letting the invisible hand sort it all out might think less support to producers is a

Queen Victoria's statue at the Manitoba Legislature. As in North America, Britain's farmers are considered by many to be political and economic conservatives by birth and disposition.

Brexit: ‘Taking farmers for fools’

U.K. farmers find themselves torn between their innate conservatism and 
economic interests that may be best served by staying in the EU

With electronic ignition, fuel injection and more computing power than the space shuttle, today’s cars and trucks never backfire. Our politicians — with less horsepower and far less memory — often still do. The latest may be British Prime Minister David Cameron who, during his 2015 re-election campaign, promised British voters a referendum on whether